Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DW's Total Net Worth

Some of my readers have been telling me to do a "Total Net Worth" post. So, here it is. 
  1. Stocks: SGD$230k (market value on 23 Jan 2013)
  2. Insurance-Linked Product: SGD$50k lump sum (maturing in July 2014)
  3. Gold: SGD$6k (Bullion gold coins)
  4. Emergency cash savings: SGD$6k (fixed deposit)
Total Net Worth: SGD$292k

As shown above, most of my net worth is in my Singapore dividend portfolio. Currently, it is generating around SGD$1k per month on average. My portfolio consists mainly telcos and REITs. 

I have an ILP maturing next year. NTUC Income told me that I should be getting around a 6% return ($3k) on my principal sum of $50k, capital guaranteed. But I am not the type of guy that counts his chicks before they are hatched. My regular readers will remember me talking about my "Armageddon Fund" some time back. It is basically a fund that I will utilise to pounce on opportunities or do some averaging down during a market crash. I know it is not a huge sum of money, but this $50k will definitely come in handy during uncertain times. ^^

I possess 3 bullion gold coins. A Canadian Maple Leaf, an Australian Kangaroo and a China Panda. I bought these coins because I want to own some physical, hard assets as insurance. The coins look absolutely beautiful too!

Lastly, the number one advise I usually give newbies is to have an emergency fund saved up before venturing into any kinds of investments. For me, I have saved up 6 months' worth of expenses in a fixed deposit. It might be earning pathetic interests but it gives me peace of mind, knowing that I have something to fall back on. 

I will not include CPF into my net worth. Personally for me, I treat CPF as a bonus. I am not depending on it for my retirement for sure.

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DW Projected Dividends for 2013

  • Singtel (7 lots): S$1106
  • Starhub (10 lots): S$2000
  • M1 (7 lots): S$1015
  • SPH (5 lots): S$1200
  • AIMS AMP REIT (25 lots): S$2500
  • CACHE (10 lots): S$840
  • Sabana REIT (6 lots): S$504
  • Frasers CentrePoint Trust (10 lots): S$1080
  • CapitaMall Trust (7 lots): S$672
  • Suntec REIT (6 lots): S$552
  • First REIT (10 lots): S$672
  • PLife REIT (4 lots): S$352
Estimated Total Dividends + Distributions: S$12, 493 

Potential DPU Increases
A few REITs have the potential to increase their DPU in 2013. CapitaMall Trust's AEI efforts at Plaza Singapura, Atrium@Orchard, Clarke Quay, IMM and Raffles City will come to fruition in 2013. Frasers CentrePoint Trust's AEI works at Causeway Point have already been largely completed as you read this post. Furthermore, I believe there will be positive rental reversions for the leases under these two retail REITs. 

AIMS AMP REIT's new 5-storey ramp-up warehouse at 20 Gul Way will complete Phase 2 construction by 2013 year end. Phase 1 is already completed and the rental contribution will be coming in 1Q2013. After Phase 2 comes online, the DPU is expected to increase by 15% eventually. 

DPU Decreases
Suntec City's AEI work will affect the DPU slightly. Sabana REIT will no longer be distributing 100%. I predict a reasonable 90% distribution in 2013. All these DPU decreases have been factored in my calculations above. But, it is just my personal estimations. If DPU does not drop as much as I predicted, then all the better.^^

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DW January 2013 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Total dividends collected in 2013
Total Invested Capital
Projected Annual Yield (2013)
Average Monthly Dividends (2013)
Available funds for investment

S$5, 000
Unrealized Paper Gain (S$)

S$42, 175

For the month of January, I received a total of SGD$584.50 from Singtel and CapitaMall Trust. 
- Singtel: SGD$476
- CapitaMall Trust: SGD$108.50

There were major changes to my portfolio. I sold IHH and took a little profit. Armed with fresh funds from this sale and my year end bonus,  I went on my biggest buying spree yet. I averaged up on M1, Frasers CentrePoint Trust and AIMS AMIP REIT. As a result, the cost value of my dividend portfolio crossed the SGD$180k mark for the first time! I am confident of achieving my 2013 passive income goal of SGD$1000 per month. In fact, I might even surpass that goal. 

** However, please note that I got the initial batch of these stocks at lower prices, therefore, I can afford to take on more risks. For newbie investors who want to buy stocks now, I am afraid that the market is already overbought. My advice will be to wait for a correction before entering.  

After this super power-up, my top three holdings are AIMS AMP REIT, Starhub and Singtel. Much to my disappointment, Singtel did not correct much after XD. I shall wait patiently for an opportunity to accumulate more. 

I remember telling you guys that I started to see the "snowballing" effect after my portfolio crossed the SGD$100k mark. I cannot wait to build up my portfolio to the magical  SGD$200k mark by 2014. We shall see some serious "compounding" effect then. ^^

Oh the way, to clear the air after looking through some comments on my previous post. 
I am NOT a guru! 
I have never ever said I am a guru before!

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior