Monday, December 27, 2010

December 2010 Dividends Portfolio Update

No.  Stock Lots Dividends Collected Average Price
1.  SPH 3 $600 $3.71
2.  Starhub 6 $850 $2.27
3.  M1 3 $0.00 $2.210
4.  UOB KayHian 3 $0.00 $1.67
5.  Singapore Post 2 $0.00 $1.15
6.  Capitamall Trust 3 $278.40 $1.70
7.  Suntec REIT 2 $262.40 $1.33
8.  CACHE Logistics Trust 3 $73.00 $0.950
9.  CitySpring Infrastructure  Trust 3 $94.50 $0.61
10.  K-Green Trust 3 $0.00 $1.087
11.   First Ship Lease 10 $61.55 $0.455
12.  Parkway Life REIT 1 $0.00 $1.620
13.  First REIT 3 $0.00 $0.675

*Note: Blue-coloured stocks are blue chips on the Straits Times Index

Total dividend collected $2,368
Total Invested Capital $62,577
Dividend over Capital (%) 3.78%
Dividends per month (2010) $197.33

As shown in the table above, I have loaded up 2 lots of Singpost at $1.15 and 3 lots of First REIT at $0.675 in December 2010. At first, I considered focusing all my resources either on Singpost or First REIT. Both counters were experiencing a dip (XD for Singpost and Rights Issue for First REIT). In the end, I decided to spread my resources and got both. I am glad I did because Singpost will give my portfolio a stronger "foundation" while First REIT provides attractive yield and exposure to the strong medical industry growth.

Most of my counters are performing fine in December. The exceptions are CitySpring and K-Green, both of which are still in the red. But I decided against averaging down because I do not want to increase my holdings in both counters at the moment.

I received $300 from Starhub, $31.50 from CitySpring, $61.55 from FSL and $600 from SPH. As a result, passive income increased to $197.33 per month for the entire year 2010. This figure is calculated through dividing the total dividends received by 12 months.

Looking Forward:
My objective of "More Quality, Less Quantity" will stay. I will elaborate more about this in my "Financial Resolutions for 2011" post. 

I would like to wish everyone a Prosperous and Happy New Year! :)

Please feel free to share your opinions by commenting below :)

Dividends Warrior,
Peace Out

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Stay-cation

How does one become wealthy? Well, many people will say "Earn, Save, Invest", then rinse and repeat the process again. However, I feel that something is missing. Yup, you guess it. The word "Spend" is missing. If a person is obsessed with "Earn, Save, Invest", he will become a scrooge.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not encouraging mindless consumerism, shallow materialism and impulse buying. I am talking about spending within one's means and not chalking up huge credit card debts. Sometimes, you need to reward yourself after working so hard over the year, albeit sensibly. 

Having said all that, I just wanna share my year-end stay-cation at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It was a great experience at the six-star hotel. Here comes the photo sharing :)

We checked in at night and went straight up to the Sky Park. The scenery was breathtaking!

We visited Hermes. The sales personnel was polite and helpful even though we did not buy anything. Kudos to them :)

Had dim sum for breakfast at a food-court called "Rasapura" (I hope I spelt that correctly :P )
The siew-mai, braised chicken feet (the flesh slid off the bone effortlessly) and har gao taste good. Char Siew bun is rather average.

After breakfast, we went up to the Sky Park again. Rather misty and windy. I went to the jacuzzi (I am scared of cold -__-") while my family relaxed in the pool. There is a cordoned area just for the VIPs. 

I am not a good photographer. These are the only better-quality photos that I took without my family members and I being inside. I will try to improve my photography skills.

I am definitely going back to Marina Bay Sands. Two things I wanna try on my 2nd visit. 1) Chocolate buffet at the Sky Park. 2) Fine dining at "CUT", a restaurant owned by celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck. 

Time to start saving up.

As for details on room rates, facilities, services and events, you can check out the website below. I do not wanna bore you with the details.
Marina Bay Sands < Click Click :)

Total damage to wallet is about $450. I feel it is a little pricey, but I am happy with the quality of facilities, service and food.

Finally, I will like to wish everyone Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Peace Out,
Dividends Warrior

Friday, December 10, 2010

November 2010 Growth Stocks Update

No. StockLotsDividends CollectedAverage Price

1. Capitaland2$0.00 $3.73

Realised Profit: $160

Last month, I have sold off all 20 lots of Advanced SCT and 1 lot of Noble Group at a small net profit of $160 after deducting brokerage fees. Then, I went hunting again for growth stocks.

My original plan was to scoop up a few lots of Genting SP at around $1.95 after it announced a drop in profits. Unfortunately, my target price was not met.

In the end, I added 2 lots of Capitaland at $3.73 as this counter had triggered my target price. This is a good opportunity for me to load up for the "Capricorn Effect" and Chinese New Year rally in 2011.

China is expected to raise bank reserves requirement and interest rates soon in order to fight high inflation rate. This will have a negative impact on property prices in China. Therefore, my next entry price for Capitaland will be around $3.50 if there is a sudden, knee-jerk reaction in the near future.

My target selling price for Capitaland is between $4 and $4.10, depending on market conditions. 

Genting SP and Noble Group will still be under my watch list in 2011.

Do you have any growth stocks which you will be tracking in 2011? Please share by commenting below :)

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior