Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Dividend Warrior's Q2 2022 REITs Performance & Passive Income Update - Higher Than Pre-Pandemic Levels!


(Total cumulative dividends = S$223, 208)

Achieved  S$16, 430 in 1H 2022 passive income, representing a 10.4% rise compared to 1H 2021. As the world frets about another impending recession, I just look forward to a new CD season. Every dividend payment day is a happy day! Most people might treat dividend growth investing simply as another style of investing. But to me, it is much more than that. It has always been a pursuit that centered me, calmed me. Especially during these turbulent times when the markets seem to be crumbling. Dividend investing is discipline. Dividend investing is freedom. Dividend investing is Zen

I have been enjoying the easing of Covid-19 measures in Singapore! 

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