Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gold Panda Coin - Bling Bling to the max!

I finally collected my 1 oz Gold Panda coin from the Singapore Mint branch in Orchard Central 2 weeks ago. Before I show the awesome pictures, I will like to share my thoughts on gold.

Reasons to invest in gold:
  • The US is hovering near to a default. I know they managed to raise the debt ceiling this year (at the last freakin possible second!). But what about next year? And the year after next? The "debt ceiling debate" will rear its ugly head next year. Sadly, the America has a rather heavy debt burden. Some people say, technically, USA will not go bankrupt because they can print as much money as they need. However, this will further devalue the US dollar, leading to global inflation since most commodities are priced in US dollars.
  • The European nations are facing their own debt crisis too. Greece, Ireland and Portugal are old news. In fact, Greece is proof that whatever the EU did last summer, is not working. The focus now is on the supposedly stronger countries like Italy, Spain, France and even Germany! Looks like the dreaded domino effect is taking place. The debt contagion is spreading slowly but surely. Even if the government somehow managed to avert the crisis this year (which I think they won't), I am positive this debt fiasco will blow up again next summer in 2012. The riots in London just shows how deep the social malaise is in Europe. Youth unemployment is getting ridiculously high.
  • Basically, the Western World is "kicking the can down the road". This will not end well.
  • Volatile markets are pushing more investors worldwide to buy bonds and gold. Even central banks around the world are stockpiling gold reserves. The demand is strong. 
Alright then, enough with the financial jargon talk. It's time for some pictures!

Front: Mama Panda with Baby Panda living happily in the bamboo forest. ^^
Pandas are a prized national emblem, being uniquely native to China. 
History also associates them as royal pets of emperors. 
Back: The Prayer Hall for Good Harvests at the Temple of Heaven. This magnificent 15th century landmark in Beijing is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In conclusion, I feel that in this uncertain and volatile world today, it is prudent to have a little gold in your portfolio. Of course, do not start selling your stocks and dump all your money into gold. Experts advise having 5% - 10% of one's portfolio in gold. Right now, my gold holdings is close to 5% of my portfolio. It is a comfortable allocation for me. But if gold is not the thing for you, it is fine. Just enjoy the pictures! ^^

Feel Free to leave your comments below!

Peace Out,
Dividends Warrior


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