Monday, May 11, 2015

Dividend Warrior - Latest portfolio action

Accumulated more Silverlake Axis last week at $1.23. High ROE, increasing dividends, revenue and net profits over the past 3 years.

Financial technology (fintech) has huge potential to grow in Singapore. In fact, Singapore can be considered as the fintech capital of Asia.

 Fintech firms offer a variety of services for consumers and financial institutions, including remittances, gold trading and lending to small and medium-sized firms. Singapore is fast becoming the ideal place for firms which are seeking a beachhead to expand into Asia as well as to look for local partners.

Not only is there industry and government support, but the concentration of investors, financial institutions and mentors makes Singapore a good place for a fintech investment.

In my opinion, there are 5 high-growth areas over the next decade. My portfolio shall be riding on these mega trends.
  1. Healthcare
  2. Logistics
  3. Education
  4. Financial Tech
  5. Data Analytics/ Big Data

Fight for your dreams
Dividend Warrior

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dividend Warrior is back! May 2015 Singapore Dividend Portfolio update

Average Price
 SembCorp Industries
 ST Engg
 Raffles Medical
 Keppel DC REIT
 Sheng Siong
 Silverlake Axis

Total dividends (2015): S$770
Average monthly dividends (2015): $64

For the month of May, I will be receiving a total of $650 in dividends from:
  • SembCorp Industries: S$440
  • ST Engineering: S$210

Review on M1's 1Q2015 result:
  • EBITDA and net profit margins improved to 40.8% and 22.4%. Both margin will be further improved, with 4G data and fixed service corporate customers.
  • Fixed service user increased further to 108K
  • Average smartphone data usage increased to 3.2GB per month from 2.8GB per month
  • 4G voice was launched i.e. VoLTE
The price of M1 had been experiencing weakness over the past few weeks due to the XD effect and the fear of a future 4th Telco in Singapore. This gave me a golden opportunity to re-build my dividend portfolio by adding a Telco. I bought M1 in two batches, totalling 5 lots altogether. If the price corrects to $3.50, I will consider accumulating more. Keeping a close eye on Silverlake Axis, Sheng Siong and ST Engineering too. Exciting times ahead!

After taking profit last month, I re-entered Sheng Siong Group (SSG) at $0.79 as I believe this company still has plenty of room to grow. SSG expects the stores in Bukit Panjang and Punggol to commence operations by early May 2015 while the Pasir Ris store is expected to commence operation by June 2015.

Raffles Medical Group also announced that a new medical centre will be opened at Shaw Centre by June 2015 to bring a full range of medical and specialist services to patients in the Orchard Road area. If the price dips to $3.85, I will consider adding more as I believe in the growth of the healthcare sector in Singapore.

*Thanks to the support of my readers, I have 270 followers on my Twitter account now and growing! You can follow me @DivyWarrior. Whenever there is a change in my portfolio (Buy/Sell), I will post an update on my twitter account.
Rebuilding in progress
Dividend Warrior

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Next Leap of Growth for Silverlake Axis - Game Theory

Silverlake's revenue growth will be driven by the resilient recurring income from the maintenance and enhancement services segment, where revenue rose 20% in the second quarter ended Dec 31, 2014 compared to the same quarter a year ago. On the other hand, sales of software and hardware products plunged 78%, software project services fell 27% and software licensing posted 9% lower revenue.

Overall though, Silverlake Axis saw net profit grow 18% year-on-year for the first half of financial year ending June 30, 2015 compared to the same period a year ago.

Silverlake's Chinese subsidiary, Beijing-based Global InfoTech Co Ltd, has submitted its initial public offering application and is on track to be listed in the second-half of this year.
In South-East Asia, Silverlake is recognised for its core  financial solutions software, but in other parts of the world it is recognised as an advanced software developer that develops game theoretic software. This 'Game Theory'  program will enable companies to predict demand. Business is all about predicting demand. 

In the past five years, through a series of acquisitions, the company has moved beyond the banking industry to retail, logistics, payment, insurance and mobility/internet solutions. It is also diversifying geographically, as analysts believe the acquisition of New Zealand Stock Exchange-listed Finzsoft Solutions Ltd will provide the company the platform to expand in the wider Asia-Pacific region. Silverlake is in airlines, retail, stockbroking, insurance, investment funds and many other industries.

Power of Game Theory,
Dividend Warrior


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