Monday, November 8, 2010

October 2010 Dividends Portfolio Update

No. StockLotsDividends CollectedAverage PriceNet Price
1) SPH3$0.00 $3.71
2)  Starhub6$550 $2.27 $2.18
3) Capitamall Trust3$207.60 $1.70 $1.63
4) Suntec REIT2$212.36 $1.33 $1.22
5) CACHE Logistics Trust2$0.00 $0.945
 CitySpring Infrastructure
3$63.00 $0.61 $0.59
7) UOB KayHian1$0.00 $1.48
8) K-Green Trust1$0.00 $1.10
9) Saizen REIT3$7.80 $0.16 $0.16
10) First Ship Lease5$0.00 $0.465
11) M13$0.00 $2.210

Total dividend collected:$1,181
Total Invested Capital:$48,245
Dividend over Capital: 2.45%
Total Capital Appreciation: $5921

Since this is the first time I am showing my Dividends Portfolio, allow me to do some explanation. The "Net Price" is calculated after deducting the dividends collected from the "Average Price" of each stock.
My portfolio consists of strong, defensive blue chips such as SPH, Starhub, M1 and Capitamall Trust. The rest are REITS and a shipping trust.

The total dividends I have receive so far is $1181.

Looking Forward to November:
I am expecting dividends from Capitamall Trust, Suntec REIT, CACHE Logistic Trust and First Ship Lease. 

Yummy Yummy dividends. Slow and steady wins the race! :)

Now that I have revealed my Dividends Portfolio, feel free to post your comments below. 


Kyith said...

that portfolio is much better looking than mine.

although now i would really like some lower yielding stocks with growth.

JW said...

Welcome to blogging and dividends warring!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Drizzt,

Thanks for the compliment :)

As for low yielding stocks with growth. Off hand, I can only think of 2 "safe" ones - Singtel and Noble Group. Singtel is distributing only about 50% of its earnings compared to Starhub and Noble is growing rapidly in commodities.

Today, Noble flew! :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi JW,

Thanks for dropping by :)

It's encouraging to have more people with the same vision and financial goals.

Phileas.Wind said...

you are having a quite diversified portfolio
i'm a small invester, now only buying into 3 reits type counters. considering to go into bluechips when correction time comes :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi 风隐,

I am also considered a small investor. Compared to those experts like Warren Buffett, my portfolio is peanuts. lol

I think the correction is starting soon. The chance to load is here.

By the way, what's the 3 REITS counters that you have in your portfolio?

Phileas.Wind said...

Haha, I find it quite difficult to trace back my comments and ur reply here.:)
I'm now invested in 3 trust counters: Cambridge, FSL and Rickmers.

I notice among your portfolio, some of the counters only got a few lots. Are you planning to increase your holding overtime slowly, or will just keep long time for potential captital gain?
the brokeage fee is pretty high for SGX market. :D

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi 风隐,

I have indeed increased my holdings for FSL, K-Green, CACHE and UOB KayHian. I will update again when I post my "November Portfolio Update" in 2 weeks time.

Stay tune! :)

Musicwhiz said...

Hi there,

Interesting that I find so many investment bloggers with REITS/Trusts as their core holdings, as well as the usual blue chips SPH. Just wondering out loud why are REITs so much popular than, say, investing in "normal" companies?


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Musicwhiz.

I guess people have their own reasons for owning REITS/ Trusts. I will share my own reasons.

1) REITS/ Trusts in Singapore generally offer 5% - 9% yield. This is attractive compared to the extremely low bank interest rate.

2) REITS/ Trusts are able to provide me with REGULAR cash dividends every 3 months. This will help me to achieve a strong cash flow over a year. Companies like SPH only distribute dividends twice in May and Dec. This is not regular enough for me.

3) I have always wanted to own a piece of shopping malls in Singapore. A lot of Singaporeans are shopaholics (especially the ladies). It is the cheapest, hassle-free way to sort of "own" properties and "collect rental" :) By the way, I always encourage my female colleagues to shop more at the shopping malls which I have a stake in. lol. :P

income investor said...
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income investor said...

Very well done, my friend, keep it up !! :=)


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi PassiveReturns!

Thanks for the encouragement. I will be joining you in the First REIT camp soon :)

Anonymous said...

wah..good man..
but how come u buy 1 lot k green and 1 lot least 3 lot issnt good?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

I have since increased my holdings of K-green and UOBkh.

It is here in the Nov Portfolio Update :)

Anonymous said...

May i know why you bought K-Green Trust? Thanks