Thursday, March 27, 2014

DW March 2014 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Average Price
% of Portfolio
Frasers Centrepoint Trust
Capitamall Trust
CACHE Logistics Trust
Parkway Life REIT
Suntec REIT
First REIT
Mapletree Logistics Trust
ST Engineering
Mapletree Industrial Trust

Total dividends collected (2014)
Total Invested Capital
Projected Annual Yield (2014)
Average Monthly Dividends (2014)
Available funds for investment

Unrealized Paper Gain (S$)


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Finally! I managed to squeeze in some time to update my dividend portfolio. Some of you out there are getting worried. My apologies. I was super busy recently!

For the month of March, I have collected a total of S$742.70 in cash distributions from Mapletree Industrial Trust and AIMS AMP.
  1. Mapletree Industrial Trust: S$50.20
  2. AIMS AMP: S$692.50

I did not add any new counter in March. However, I did subscribe to the rights issue of AIMS AMP and managed to get all the excess rights I applied for. As a result, I have 30 lots of AIMS AMP now at an average price of $1.21. Looking forward to more DPU increase after its recent acquisition in Australia.^^

Busy Busy
Dividend Warrior


Anonymous said...


Have you received the dividend payout into your bank account? I checked and still not in :(

Anonymous said...

hi DW,

so glad to see ur posting again!
I am considering to divest some AIMS, but would like to get my March dividends first. Do you know whats the date they give out, and how long do I need to hold first b4 divesting, in order to qualify?

is it the DPU 2.75 cents this round, just to confirm? thanks.


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Aceirus,

Do u mean the cash distribution from AIMS AMP? Yes. I received it on 27 March, after 3:30 PM.

Are you using standard chartered? They are usually slower......

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi t,

AIMS AMP just paid the cash distribution on 27 March.

The $27.50 per lot is oredi paid out.

So, you can actually feel free to divest now.

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

yeah sorry was referring to AIMS. I think I got mine pretty late at night! I use UOB.
BTW the payout is $27.70 per lot :)

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

Have been waiting for this post for a while! Glad to see you've managed to find some time for this one :)

I'm interested in getting AIMS AMP, was wondering what price you think is a good price? A range will do, I just want to know your opinion :)



Anonymous said...


what DPU stands for?


Noah said...

Hi DW,

Any advice for a newbie on how much you need to have/save before you can start investing?
How much did you save before you bought your first share?

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

Nice to see your posts again.

I was checking in regularly to learn from your strategy.

You are my benchmark and helped me to build up my dividend portfolio for retirement/ passive income. I read company annual reports to form my own opinion as further.

I used to have zero balance in CDP account.. Now I have close to 20K, being inspired from your portfolio growth.

Thanks for your open sharing!


juju said...


reading your blog inspired me to get myself into investing.

i have just signed up for the posb investsaver for blue chips investment as a start.

I am targetting to have about 50K in bluechips and then move onto another area of investment.

what do you recommend?

Lancelot Yoo said...

Hi DW,

I noticed a large portion of your portfolio had been directed to Aims.

As a beginner investor, i would like to know the future prospects of aims and would it be worth it to buy it now?


Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

Is M1 the better choice among Starhub and Singtel?

(For Long investment)


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Acerius,

Yup. My mistake. Should be $27.70 per lot.
I am getting

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi A,

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Below $1.32 is a good point to start accumulating. Below $1.30 would be ideal.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi NoobReader,

DPU stands for 'distribution per unit'

It means the amount of cash distributed by a REIT per unit.

Strictly speaking, REITs dun give dividends. They distribute cash.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Noah,

I would suggest a sum of around $10k for a decent start.

If I remember correctly, I started my investment journey with $15k - $20k back in 2009 end.

My first stocks are starhub and capitamall trust. :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi KC,

Thanks. ^^

It is comments like yours that keep me going. I shall try to maintain my blog as long as I can.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi juju,

I am glad my blog inspired u. ^^

I would recommend Singtel, M1, SPH, SATS, ST Engg, Singpost.

However, their prices are rather high now. I would advise you to wait for a correction before accumulating. And, try to buy in batches.

Good luck!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Lancelot,

You may wanna read one of my previous posts. I talked about the future prospects of AIMS AMP and other companies.

I think it is still ok to buy now. But below $1.30 will be more attractive. You decide. Good luck!^^

Anonymous said...

Hi DW, do you allocate a strict sum monthly to invest on methyl or annual basis? What would be the most ideal % of take home pay to invest, will be great if you could share based on your experience? Thx!


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi J,

Among the telcos, M1 is my current favorite. Singtel faces competition and forex risks in other countries. Starhub's cable tv business is declining slowly.

However, the price now is expensive. I will accumulate M1 below $3.10

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Tt,

I save around 70% to 80% of my salary per month. I put this money into my 'investible fund'. Some people prefer to call it their 'opportunity fund'. For example, I used about $5000 from this fund to subscribe to AIMS AMP recent rights issue.

However, when I first started out, I plonked almost all my savings into my portfolio. Firstly, I dun have a family with kids to support. Secondly, the market was pretty cheap in 2009, 2010, 2011. So, I tend to invest more frequently.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find stocks to invest bcos the market has rose up since then. I would say, on average, I invest once every quarter.

If you can save at least $1000 per month, you can start to invest. POSB and OCBC offer regular investment schemes. You can check them out.

Good luck! ^^

Anonymous said...


I am interested in investing raffles mg but e stock price shot up since last week. Do you think there will a correction?

Lancelot Yoo said...

hi dw,

what about other reits like starhill global and suntec reit.

is Aims better than them?

Anonymous said...

Please help me on this.

How were you infirm on AIMS AMP Rights issues ?

By mailer or email ?

How to buy these Rights ? From Poems ?

Thank you so much

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

I will buy raffles mg closer to $3.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Lancelot,

You cannot really compare these 3 REITs directly.

AIMS is industrial REIT.

Starhill global is retail REIT.

Suntec is mixture of retail and office REIT.

I am more positive on suntec bcos the last phase of AEI will be completed soon.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

I was informed by normal snail mail.

I went to the ATM to subscribe to my entitled rights and also applied for excess rights.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply. Really thanks for all your effort and trouble you have taken to share.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dw

would you count 70% to 80% of your salary per month, as in take home pay or b4 cpf deduction?

I'm single and 29, planning to accumulate US stocks( growth stocks and some technology stocks for flipping , 60- 70% of monthly fund) also thinking of putting 30% -40%into local reits for dividends.

In your opinion, do you think that's kinda risky?


Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

Any thoughts on a-h trust? It is currently at it;s 52weeks low and has a FY14 projected dpu of 7ct which gives a yield of >10%. Would appreciate your valuable feedback. Thanks.


Ci2fi said...


I noticed that you have allocated some amount as funds available for investment. Do you like allocate part of your salary to go into this? Or this amount is purely from the dividends you have collected from the stocks?

Anonymous said...

Hello DW,

if i were to invest 300k in good companies for long-term investing, how long roughly will it take till i have 500k? (dividends and unrealised paper gains included) just need to know an estimated amount of time for it to reach 500k. thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi DW what is ur feel in these 2 company for stable investment..

REIT - HOS Ascendas at $0.705 with 9% dividend yield

Vs .

REIT - HOS Ascott at $1.25 with 7.5% dividend yield

WB said...

Hi I have a simple question. You know the recent AIMS REIT rights issue - I've been allocated 1 lot but it's only showing up in the CDP. How can I transfer them into my poems account? Thank you!

[R]ay said...

@WB. There is edit function in your poems.Just go there to update your holdings. All your holdings are with cdp, not with any broker.

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

Just two questions
I been reading your blog for years but only decided to finally plunge into the stocks market.

1. Where did you read up on investing? Any books or websites to recommend?

2. Do you invest in foreign stocks? E.g US, middle east? Etc

Thank you

Jerry said...

Dear DW,

For the funds you are holding, are these available if I open DBS vickers?


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Tt,

I would count as my take-home pay.

By 'flipping', do u mean trading? If you are good at it, why not? :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Gerald,

I dun follow a-h trust as I m not vested in it. Sorry.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

If you need an estimated rate of return, you can use any online calculators. Just enter the numbers.

Assuming 7% returns compounded yearly, your capital will double in 10 years. Assuming no financial crisis of course. Lol.....

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Woon Ming,

I am not really keen on hospitality REITs, so I cannot provide you any feedback. My apologies.

I prefer retail , industrial and healthcare REITs.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Andy,

I do visit cnbc,, bloomberg, Forbes etc.

I also read other people's blogs too. You just need to do a quick search on google. ^^

At the moment, I am not vested in foreign stocks. But stocks like Singtel have businesses overseas too. So, in an indirect way, I am vested in foreign markets too.