Saturday, November 9, 2019

Dividend Warrior's 4Q2019 S-REITs Performance And Passive Income Update - Record High Annual Dividends

S$150,734 cumulative dividends collected over 10 years

~ Be Long-Term Greedy ~


Unknown said...

May I know to get passive income from dividend and distribution of more than $ 27,000 for 2019,what is your total portfolio value$?

foon said...

Thank you for sharing , I am a freshman in S_Reit. It's really appreciate for your summary report. Can I use the report in my blog?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...


My current portfolio value is around S$600k :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Foon,

Sure, no problem :)

Unknown said...

Hi DW,

If you are a new investor now, would you start investing at this point of time?

Chia said...

What are your thoughts on MapletreeNAC currently in view of Festival Walk’s temporal closure and HKG’s situation, since your portfolio has a substantial placement in this stock?

Am also vested.