Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woodlands Waterfront in Singapore, best place to recuperate after a flu

Sorry for missing in action for quite some time. I have been down with a nasty bout of flu for the past 2 weeks. Horrendous experience - -" Maybe I am getting old, so my immune system is weakening. Yikes! I was coughing non-stop thru the night, sore throat, dry throat, itchy throat and running nose. My family even suspected I contracted H1N1. To reassure them, I wore a mask. 

After lots of anti-biotics, cough syrup, lozenges and my Mum's really awful-tasting Chinese herbal medicine, I am back on my feet again. Hell Yeah! ^^

After cooping up in my house for 10 days (yup, the doc gave me 10 days MC!!!!!! 0_o"), I just wanna get some fresh air. So, I decided to visit the Woodlands Waterfront which is within walking distance from my block. The stroll worked wonders, even better than anti-biotics I dare say. Heeeee..... 

Here comes the photo-sharing. Please pardon my amateurish photography skills :P I took the pictures with my Sony-Ericsson X10 mini bcos I dun wanna stroll with a camera. 

The Causeway Checkpoint building. Looks pretty modern.

The Causeway

Yay! Woodlands Waterfront. I dun know why. But I feel excited seeing the name of my housing estate on a wall. I am a weirdo. Muahahahah!

Lots of people catching crabs along the shoreline. There is actually a small crab on the pavement. Can you spot it? Lol. By the way, I had a chat wif one of the Malay uncles. I asked him why are there so many Malays catching crabs in Singapore? He told me that his grandpa depended on fishing for a living and this skill is passed down thru the generations, especially in the Malay community. Hmmm, interesting. This proves that Singapore was really used to be a fishing village before Sir Stamford Raffles set foot on this island.

Directions. Everyone loves directions.

Uh oh...... someone stole/ took used the life buoy to save someone else from drowning but nobody replaced it. Should I put this on Stomp? Heh! Just kidding. 

This is a really beautiful path. The whole place reminds me of the various scenes in the amazing movie, "Lovely Bones". If you have not seen the movie yet, make sure you check it out.

A majestic red ship. I think it is doing some refueling/resupply thingy.

The jetty with more fishing folks on it.

 Wild monkeys! The young monkeys are really cute. But remember not to feed them bcos they will grow dependent on humans and associate humans with food.

Plenty of parking space for those who drive. You can bring your family here for a picnic. ^^

The playground. Dangerous-looking though. I think this was already posted in Stomp. The ropes might not support the weight of the children. If I am a child, I will definitely try it bcos I am a risk-taker. Muahahahhaha.

The underground toilets. Pretty clean too. I climbed up the steps on the right to get a better view of the entire park.

This is the photo I took while standing right on top of the toilets. Beautiful, just beautiful :)

After the stroll, I was famished. I only had porridge and soup for the past 10 days. In the end, I gorged myself on some Ebi prawns and Crayfish ramen at Ajisen, Causeway Point. 
Nom! Nom! Nom! 
I had the set meal, which is quite value for money. About $16 with a side dish and drink included.

The Woodlands Waterfront is really a nice place for fishing, crab-catching, stroll and dare I say, dating. Please check it out especially if you live in the Northern part of Singapore. ^^

I hope you guys enjoyed my photos. I am just relieved to recover just in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year. I will also be updating my dividends portfolio for January. 

Please share your opinions by commenting below. Thanks!

Peace out,
Dividends Warrior


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! The toliet at waterfront is worst then Mrt Station... All the toliet bowl in every (ladies) cubicle is full of SHIT.... going to faint.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Errrr...... Thanks for the warning about the toilet. I did not use it so I dun know. Shocking though! o_O "

Yv said...

I chanced about your blog when I was googling about Mapletree Logistics Trust.

I like your posts. Simple (no financial jargon) and to the point. Hope to learn more from you.

Interestingly, I stay near the Woodlands Waterfront too, but have yet to roam around there. Seems like a great place for a run.

Happy weekend,

Niki Armstrong said...

Beautiful Waterfront in Singapore.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Yv,

Thanks for the compliment.

Yup. It is a great place for a leisure stroll or jog. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Niki,

Yes. It is beautiful indeed. :)

MartinRobert said...

Its just beautiful.