Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rabbit Origami Better Than Gambling

I have been gorging myself silly with all the Chinese New Year goodies. It was fun visiting my relatives and friends over the past few days. Lots of catching up was done. 

However, I have never been a big fan of gambling during Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, gambling has always been part of my family's Chinese New Year itinerary. Black Jack, Poker and Mahjong sessions are the norm. We even played with real money. In the past, I will only play a few rounds just to placate my seniors. Otherwise, they will call me a spoilsport.

This year, I decided to make a stand. Why should I do something which I resent? Worst still, the young children (some of them are primary school pupils) also want a piece of the action after watching the adults gamble. The adults are setting a bad example for the children. I certainly do not wish to see my nephews and nieces turning into gambling addicts when they grow up.

I came up with the brilliant idea of making rabbit origami. My little nephews and nieces love origami. I also teach them the value of recycling magazines into origami. This tactic successfully distracted them from the gambling tables. In fact, it worked so well that I faced another problem. They could not stop folding the rabbit origami. OMG! 

Well, I guess it is a "good" problem to have. Lol - -"

Alright, let me present some of the masterpieces! 

The black and white rabbits. They are a loving couple. ^^

The purple, yellow and orange rabbits. Three musketeers!

A lovely family of rabbits. Guess who is Papa rabbit? ^^
Mama rabbit has a longer right ear. Dun ask me why. That's the handiwork of my niece. Lol!

The children enjoyed folding the origami and I also enjoyed teaching them. I think I am gonna continue using this tactic next Chinese New Year.

Peace Out,
Dividends Warrior 


Kyith said...

those look wonderful!


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Drizzt,

Thanks! ^^

Anonymous said...

can teach how to fold?

Anonymous said...

They look adorable. Good one!