Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dividend Payment Dates in August 2012

Ah....... there is nothing better than waking up on a brand new day knowing that cash is being credited into your bank account. I have 4 "Happy" days in August. ^^

1 August:
- Vodafone

14 August:
- M1

24 August:
- Singtel

29 August:
- CapitaMall Trust
- Frasers CentrePoint Trust
- Suntec REIT
- First REIT

31 August:
- Starhub

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior


Anonymous said...

hi DW,

i'm kinda new to dividend stocks.
i have just 1 question for you.
when is a good time to go in ? market seems strong now.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Now is not the time to buy as prices are high.

Wait for the stocks to go XD and hope for the price to drop.

Anonymous said...

Mind to shares the dividend amount you will get for each shares? I only have Suntec and First, so my happy day is only 29 Aug..


Anonymous said...

Dividend stocks all at high high prices now, XD prices up even more. No chance to buy. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

I have been following your column for a while.Preparing to start on my own portfolio as well.May i ask,are the dividends taxable?How should it be done?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Vincent,

Every month, I will post a detailed review of my portfolio. I will then state the exact amount of dividends I received. Stay tune! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes. Prices are really high now. I have been waiting for 2 months. :(

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for reading my blog. ^^

Dividends in Singapore are not taxed at the individual level because they have already been taxed at the Corporate level.

So, whatever cash the company gives you, just take and enjoy. Do not worry about taxes. :)

Good luck in your investing journey!

Anonymous said...

Horrible leh, prices up and up, even down also down a bit, next day will shoot back high. Look at the prices now compared to your average prices. For newbies who are just starting up portfolio, how to even buy any shares? :( :(

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,
Your blog have really inspired me to start my dividend portfolio.
As prices are now relatively high, what do you think of singpost? Abt 5.8% yield.


khen said...

dear warrior,

may i know how long after the date of payout do the dividends from US stocks get credited into the account?

Anonymous said...

Good news market up, bad news market also up. Good news market shoots high high, down also down a bit then continues its climb up. STI half way to 3100 now, 3200 soon? Thought economy is bad, but Singapore market is doing so well. But daily volumes v low leh. A bubble waiting to burst?

Anonymous said...


New to investing. Just wanna ask what does CD and XD stands for?

And how do you calculate % yield of a reits? So lets take Capitamall Trust for example.

So based on their website, they gave 2.3c (distribution per unit) on 30th May 2012 and by using the share price of $1.90

Calculation of the % yield = (0.23 / 1.9) x 100 = 12.1 % ?

Is my calculation correct?

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

Calculation of the % yield = (0.023 / 1.9) x 100 = 1.21 % per quarter
if assume uniform payout every quarter based on 0.023, its only 5% per annum.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Ya. if you are a newbie, I am afraid you are rather late to the dividend investing boat. :(

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Brock,

Singpost is a rather stable dividend stock.

However, I dun think the dividend will increase.

>5% yield is still reasonable.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Khen,

The dividends from US stocks is using credited into my brokerage account almost immediately after the payable date.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

CD means you will get the latest round of dividends if you buy. XD means the opposite, you will not get the dividends if you buy.

You can get these dates from SGX.com

Sorry, But I am afraid your calculation is wrong.

Using your example. 1 lot of CapitaMall Trust (CMT) will give you $23 of cash distribution per quarter. 1 year has 4 quarters. So, $23 X 4 = $92.

1 lot of CMT costs you $1900

Annual yield = ($92/$1900) X 100% = 4.8%

Still better than fixed deposit interest. ^^

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Dividends Warrior,

You are doing great. I believe showing other what you have done is definitely better than teaching other.

Keep it up!!!

Freedom Achiever

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Do you attend any of the AGMs or you are mainly checking the companies based on reports and press release.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a bit late to start now at this moment when prices are all driven to crazy high. Based on your illustration of CMT's 4.8%, yes it is still better than fixed deposit interst. But the issue is, the prices now are driven to such crazy high level more based on people's emotional to channel to high dividend counters. their emotion settle down or their risk appetite settle down, they will pull away from these high diviend counters and then the prices will drop drastically. By then, those who buy at high prices will be holding on to huge paper losses even if just hold for dividends. So don't think now it is justifiable to buy just because dividend yield is more than fixed deposit interest.

Siobhan said...

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Leah Flores said...

hi DW, i'm kinda new to dividend stocks. i have just 1 question for you. when is a good time to go in ? market seems strong now.