Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How far has DW come?

I just bought 3 more lots of Sabana REIT yesterday as I want to give my portfolio a yield boost at year end. Right now, I have 6 lots of Sabana REIT. As I was updating my Excel spreadsheet after the latest purchase, I suddenly become rather curious about how much dividends I will be getting next year going forward. So, I did some calculations.

*Please note that I assume dividends remain the same next year for the ease of calculation. 

1. Starhub: $200 X 10 = $2, 000
2. SPH: $240 X 5 = $1, 200
3. Singtel: $158 X 6 = $948
4. M1: $138 X 5 = $690
5. CMT: $95.20 X 7 = $666.40
6. FCT: $104 X 7 = $728
7. Suntec: $92 X 6 = $552
8. AIMS: $100 X 11 = $1, 100
9. First REIT: $64 X 10 = $640
10. PLife: $99.20 X 4 = $396.80
11. CACHE: $79.20 X 3 = $237.60
12. Sabana: $90.80 X 6 = $544.80

Estimated Total Dividends for 2013 = SGD$9, 703
Average monthly dividends = SGD$808.60
Average daily dividends = SGD$26.60

My calculation shows that I will be getting around $800 per month in dividends. Therefore, I have to change my dividend target to $900 per month for 2013. I am pleasantly surprised how far I have come since I first started dividend investing in 2010.

You can check out my very first portfolio update here. Ancient stuff! Be warned!
Back then, I was just collecting a mere $100 per month in dividends. LOL! >_<"

Time really flies when you are collecting dividends regularly and re-investing those dividends. ^^ 

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior


syh said...

Hi DW, apart from dividend, did u have any stocks that u buy sell for profiting?

panasonic88 said...

You developed a great foundation. Keep it up! Passive income rocks!

ylfoo said...


You seem to have build a great portfolio of stocks. Your paper asset have been well taken care of.

To my best understanding, a millionaire usually has multiple streams of income.

Hope it set your mind thinking. Anyway all the best in your investing!

B said...


You're doing great ;p

I've been wanting to add industrial reits stock to my port but it has been rocketing upwards and upwards :P


AK71 said...

Hi DW,

Congratulations! Your discipline at staying the course is rewarding. It won't be long before you hit $1,000 in passive income per month.

You are definitely doing better than I was at your age. :)

Dolly & Zoopy said...

how much did you pay for Sabana?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi syh,

I only focus on dividend stocks. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Yo Panasonic88,

Thanks for the compliment! :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi ylfoo,

Becoming a millionaire might be near impossible for me. I aim to be half a millionaire first.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi B,

Thanks for compliment. You are doing well too! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi AK71,

Wah! I am honoured to have your comment on my blog. :)

Yes. Discipline is key. Stay the course and do not waver.

Thanks for the encouragement. 1k per month in passive income is within reach for me. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Dolly & Zoopy,

My average price for Sabana is $1.07

Cheers! ^^

FoodieFC said...


can only envy u.. hai..I am not even getting $100 dividend per month... To think you are getting $26.60 per day!!! That can cover ur expenses! u can save ALL ur salary and invest even more.

Envy and kudos to u!

Dolly & Zoopy said...

Do you take into consideration dividends collected when you calculate your cost price for each stock?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Yo Foodie!

Yes. My dividends can cover my daily expenses. ^^

Kim said...

How much capitak have u vested in order to get this amt of

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Kim,

My capital is around $142k.