Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DW 2013 Dividend Investing Goal

2012 - An Unexpectedly Good Year
It is the time of the year again when we look back and review our old goals before making new ones. At the start of 2012, I aimed to achieve S$700 per month in dividends. I did it. In fact, I surpassed my initial target. You can check out my 2012's financial goal here.

2012 has been a good year for me. Let's take a final look at how my Singapore dividend portfolio performed in 2012. 

  • My portfolio size in terms of cost has increased from SGD$112, 439 in January to SGD$163, 794 now. 
  • I collected a total of SGD$8, 968 in 2012 compared to S$7, 410 in 2011. This translates into an average of S$747 per month
  • My portfolio annual yield is about 6.8%, which is higher than the inflation rate and the low bank interest rates.

I grew my portfolio by adding more telcos and REITs. Not too shabby. ^^

Financial Independence at 30 years old
I really hope to celebrate my 30th birthday in 2013 by achieving S$1k per month (S$12k per annum) in dividends. Based on my current portfolio, I will be receiving an estimated S$11.3k in 2013. That is still a little way off my target.
  • Starhub (10 lots) = S$2, 000
  • Singtel (7 lots) = S$1, 106
  • AIMS AMP (18 lots) = S$1, 800
  • SPH (5 lots) = S$1, 200
  • CMT (7 lots) = S$672
  • M1 (5 lots) = S$725
  • CACHE (10 lots) = S$857
  • FCT (7 lots) = S$758
  • PLife REIT (4 lots) = S$412
  • Suntec REIT (6 lots) = S$564
  • First REIT (10 lots) = S$672
  • Sabana REIT (6 lots) = S$561
*These figures were based on 2012's dividend payout for ease of calculations 

For 2013, I have a war chest of around S$20k, ready to deploy should the market have a correction. This is gonna be a defining year for me!

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Congrats and continue to have fun!

Anonymous said...


Continue your good work & welcome more sharing from your blog.


Anonymous said...

Since you are anticipating a correction, why not sell off all your stocks?

indian dividend said...

Dividend paying stocks are particularly attractive when interest rates are low. The Wall Street Journal says that investors have the lion’s share of their returns from dividend yields, not dividend growth or capital gains.

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Dividend Tech Warrior said...


Thanks for the encouragement!
Yes. I am having fun in dividend investing!^^

Quite rewarding too! :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Bigfatmango,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yup. I will keep sharing! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

As the saying goes, "Hope for the best. Plan for the worse".


talesteller said...

Congrats DW! You increased your portfolio size by 50K in just one year, that's amazing!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Indian dividend,

Yes. A significant portion of returns came from dividends in the long term.

I have nothing against trading for fast profits though. Just not my cup of tea.

Btw, are you from India? Just curious. LOL!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi talesteller,


I save more than 70% of my salary. I also re-invest my dividends and bonuses.

Good luck to your investing journey too!^^

Kim said...

Just wanna to say this

eagleeye said...

nice going DW. i've been an avid reader of your post, and i've adapted some of your strategy on my folio

i wish you the best and good luck to your next year's investment goal

SnOOpy168 said...


Congrats. It does feel good to see the fruits of own labour.

My own dividends income is about 1/5 of my paycheck. Aiming that it will match my current paycheck and more, one of these days to come and soon. Next steps are 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and than match points. Building up this steadily.

Looking forward to your next update soon. Cheers

Gregg said...


Not only 20k for yourself, u still have 11k dividend as bullet... Lol....

Well done bro....

Justin said...

Hi DW,

Congrats on one-step closer to ur milestone! Just curious, at what stage of life are you @? Married/ Single, With House/Without House?

Cos I have a warchest ready to deploy, but always stop short in making aggressive moves due to wife & house!

Fat88Trader said...

Well Done, DW!

No punting, gambling or speculation in your approach to investing the stock market. Slow and Steady, you have the right strategy in wealth building.

Appreciate your sharing.

Lee said...

I'm very inspired by you DW. I'm same age as you and I don't even have a war chest

Anonymous said...

Well done DW. You are my idol in dividend investing. Share more in 2013.

B said...

Wish you the best of luck in 2013.

Dividends ftw!!!

Derek said...

Hi DW,

Congratulations and the very best in the new year.


Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

It seems that you are doing well in your portfolio and I hope I can emulate your success.

Nevertheless perhaps you can consider donation to charity as well in the future? Since I believe that success unshared is total failure.

For your kind considerations and all the best to both of us!

SupplementAsia said...

Hi DW,

Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights.

I have a question for you:

Assuming you have 0 portfolio now. With $20k and the current knowledge you have. What would you have bought differently or buy at this present age?

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for encouragement! ^^
I will continue to work hard next year.

You also must 加油!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi eagleeye,

Thanks for your well wishes.

I am glad my strategy is useful for you.

All the best to your investing journey! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Yo Snoopy!

Yes. I do feel a sense of achievement when I look back and saw how much my portfolio and dividend income grew over the past 3 years.

You are doing well yourself too. I am sure you can achieve ur goal eventually. Slow and steady win the race! ^^

Good Luck!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Gregg,

I like the way u put it.

20k warchest plus 11k dividend income.

Imagine re-investing this prudently every year. The returns will be rather handsome. The power of compounding dividends!


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the well wishes.

I am currently single, but working hard to find a girlfriend. LOL!

No house. No car.

Well, if both you and your wife have stable jobs and ample savings, I dun see why you cannot deploy of that cash for investments.

Just do your due diligence properly and invest with conviction.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Fat88Trader,

Thanks for the complement.

Yup. I am not a gambling man. ^^

All the best to you too in 2013!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Lee,

I am glad to have inspired you. ^^

All the best to you in 2013!


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Wah! I become an idol!??!!!


Thanks for the complement! ^^

All the best to you too!!!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi B,

Best of luck to you too my fren!

Yes. More power to dividends!!!^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the well wishes.

Wishing you a rewarding and prosperous 2013! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Why did you assume I dun donate to charity? I did not post my donation does not mean I did not donate.

I dun believe in publicizing my donations.

Cheers! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi SupplementAsia,

Well, if I only have 20k spare cash now and I am starting out my investing journey, I will buy FCT below $2.


Small Time Investor said...

Hi Dw
Am an avid reader of your blog .

Keep up the good job and hopefully 2013 would be a good year for dividend investors.

what's your view on CapitaLand & Far East Hospitality Trust ?


Anonymous said...

DW congrats, u r my inspiration.

why do u value/reveal your portfolio size at cost? why not reveal at market price?

i'm older than u by a few years and have smaller portfolio size (at cost) but bigger portfolio size (at market), and my portfolio is totally different from u. so it becomes interesting to see someone on the other side of the fence doing well as well.

wish u a prosperous 2013

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Small Time Investor,

Thanks for supporting my blog.

For CapitaLand, the new West Gate development will be ready by 2014. The govt may implement cooling measures again in 2013. So, I will not buy.

As for FEHT, I am not really comfortable with hospitality trusts. As you can see, I dun have any hotel related stocks in my portfolio.

All the best to you too in 2013!


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am glad to be your inspiration. Three years ago, I was inspired by someone else too! ^^

Well, because the market prices fluctuate from Monday to Friday and I only do my update once a month. So, I prefer to show my costs instead. If you want to know the market value of my portfolio on any given day, just cross check with the sgx website.

But since you asked, the market value of my portfolio usually hovers around $208k currently.

I wish u a prosperous new year too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

with warchest worth of 33k versus your portfolio size of 200k+..dun u think u are 'highly geared' towards equities as a percentage of your total liquid investible assets?

Anonymous said...

Highly biased to equities is ok if most were bought with large margins of safety (which seems to be the case here). You will find similar for Warren Buffet.
Also, not much other better assets to go into at moment - Gold is already very high, cash is having very low interest.

Anonymous said...

hi dw, do u use cpf to invest?

and it seems like u have no property in your portfolio?

Anonymous said...

Bro do you let go all your US stock? any reason for it?


Anonymous said...

DW, Well Done! You the Can Man!
Wish I was like you. I was a ex dealer and lost heavily during 1997 Asia Crisis

Anonymous said...

Actually I have the same strategy as you...buying dividend stocks and hoping to be financially independent by getting $1.5k per mth from dividends eventually. My current portfolio includes preference share (50%) and stocks (50%). Your stock selections quite similar to mine...REITs and telco. Monitoring your portfolio closely...

Dividend Growth Investor said...


It looks like your goals are achievable. However, I am concerned that your portfolio is heavily concentrated on REITs. A rise in interest rates, a general contraction in the economy, or a phasing out of tax preferences for REITs, could seriously derail your retirement plans.

Good Luck!