Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DW September 2015 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Total dividends (2015): S$2388.50
Average monthly dividends (2015): S$199

Dividends to be received in September:
  • AIMS AMP: S$55
  • ST Engg: S$200

Recent additions:
  • CACHE Logistics Trust

Dividend Warrior
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Chia said...

Hi DW!,

CACHE Logistics Trust has been pretty low of recent, is it advisable to nibble some now?

Bon said...

Hi DW,

What do you think of TTJ Holdings?

Cindy said...

Any update for Oct and Nov dividend?

Unknown said...

Looks like your average price of M1 at $3.50 is very high. How much dividend is required to cover the loss?

Unknown said...

M1 price has dropped to 2.60, how many yrs will one take to cover with dividend?

Arthur Wang said...

Missing in action?