Monday, December 17, 2018

DW Portfolio Bubble Chart (Dec 2018)

I created my very first portfolio Bubble Chart! :) 
*X-axis: Yield-on-price 
*Y-axis: Unrealised paper gain 
*Size of bubble is based on market value of the counter 
*Propnex is excluded as it has not given a full-year dividend yet
Overall patterns: 
- All counters have above 4% yield-on-price except RMG 
- All counters are in the green except NetLink Trust (as of 14 Dec) 
- Most counters are concentrated in the middle-right part of the chart
- DBS, Suntec & MNACT are the ones closer to the desirable top-right quadrant of the chart


Pipping Cafe said...

Hi div warrior I remember u used to have all 3 telcos. They seemed pretty battered now, any intention of adding telcos?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi PC,
Used to be vested in them, but ever since TPG has secured its spectrum rights, I started divesting my telco positions. Right now, I don't own any telco shares.
IMO, all 3 telcos would struggle to improve earnings over the next couple of years. Singtel faces competition in the local & overseas market. Starhub and M1 face competition from TPG. Their new revenue drivers from cybersecurity & IoT will take a long time to see meaningful returns.

Denver said...

Hi I am a teenager trying to invest for dividends. Currently I am saving $100 every month and buy ABF for $100 every month through POSB invest saver. I planning to open a Maybank Kim Eng account to buy reits monthly for $100. Can advise which reit I should choose to DCA or I should invest it in 1 of the 3 reits etf in Sg

Denver said...

I am a teenager looking to start DCA reits for dividends. I can afford $100 per month through MayBank Kim Eng. May I know what reits is suitable