Friday, May 17, 2019

Get Your Fair Share Of The Economic Pie. Start Now!

Investing is really all about laying out cash now to get more back later. The earlier you start investing and the more you invest, the greater your money will compound over time. I do enjoy allocating my dividend cashflow. In fact, I have been rather active in deploying my funds in the current volatile market. It's no secret that global wealth is concentrated in the hands of the elites, the top 1%. It's time we claw some of that wealth back.

In recent years, there has been a stark contrast between 2 segments of the local population - the wealthy, educated cosmopolitans and the poor families trapped/entrenched in the poverty cycle. Social mobility has stagnated, maybe even decreased over the years. This wealth disparity is worsened by technological disruption, which has affected jobs and wage growth. 

When I first started dividend investing, my main objective was to achieve financial independence by building a steady passive income stream. Another motivating factor was my desire to benefit as much as possible from economic growth. In our capitalistic system where wealth is distributed ever more unevenly, how do I get my fair share of the 'economic pie'? One of the best ways is to invest, to own wonderful businesses, especially those with low capex requirements, asset-light and highly cash-generative. Find companies that gush cash and require little capital re-investment. Buy a 'cash machine' and hold it forever.

Do what works and keep doing it
Dividend Warrior

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Miss J said...


Thank you for sharing!!
It wow me!

May I know how will u advice for new starter?

I know I need to open and CPD account. But which shares will you recommend if I am to enter the market now? Any posts in your blog I can read up for beginner to know how to kick start :)

Thank you