Sunday, September 1, 2019

Dividend Warrior's YTD Portfolio Performance Snapshot

Everyday, most people have to get up early, get squeezed like sardines on the MRT trains/public buses as they travel to their workplace. They then work non-stop like a machine for half a day, impress their bosses and receive a salary at the end of each month. Lots of people are forcing themselves to do this daily even though they dread it. Why? Well, they need money to support themselves and their families, to fulfill their needs and wants in life. The more needs and wants a person desires, the more income he has to earn. This income earned through effort and time is called 'active income'. Sometimes, the job can be so strenuous that you not only sacrifice time but also your health. You might even wonder if your salary is worth all that sacrifice. Financial independence is being able to receive income without having to sacrifice time, health or anything else that might be precious to you. This is the progress I have made so far in my journey towards 'FIRE'. 

Portfolio Market Value: S$597,228
Projected Dividends in 2020: S$28.6K
Cash warchest: S$10,160
Gold coins: S$3,000
CPF OA: S$131,000 (*Shall be used to fully pay for BTO flat)
Total Networth: S$741,388 (At 30 Aug)

Top 12 Core Holdings


Ad said...

You left out your SA?

Edwin Dai said...

Good looking set of numbers. Onward to FI!

Ravi Bhambani said...

With REITS so much expensive, how are you planning to protect the downside? What do you suggest to buy now?