Sunday, July 12, 2020

Dividend Warrior's 2Q2020 Net Worth Update - $800k New Milestone Achieved!

My personal liquid asset networth finally exceeded $800k for the first time in June 2020! Having a stable job that was largely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic was helpful for sure. It allows me to build up my warchest while deploying dividends on my stock portfolio. Besides, I have no debts to service. No housing loan. No car loan. Zero, zip, zlich, nada!

Nibbled DBS & UOB in Mar 2020
Nibbled UOB in Jun 2020

Furthermore, my job allows me to consistently contribute to my CPF account, thus building up my OA savings. The construction progress of my BTO flat has been held up a little by the 2-month circuit breaker in April-May. But I am assuming it is still on track to be completed by 1H2023.

Most local restaurants and eateries seemed to be doing brisk business since the Phase 2 re-opening. I was able to satisfy my Chinese soup dumplings craving at Paradise Dynasty! ^__^

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Dividend Warrior

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