Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 2011 Dividends Portfolio Update

Dividends Collected
Average Price
Singapore Post
F & N
Capitamall Trust
UOB KayHian
Suntec REIT
CACHE Logistics Trust
First REIT

Total dividends collected (since Jan 2010)
Total Invested Capital $84,016
Dividends over Capital (%) 3.45%
Dividends per month $207.17
Cash holdings $10, 200

* Stocks in blue are blue chips (Yeah, I know. Very original)

I received cash dividends totaling $160.80 in March. 
  1. K-Green Trust: $129.30
  2. CitySpring: $31.50

Finally, the amount of dividends per month crossed the $200 mark. I am glad to be moving in the right direction, albeit at a slow pace. Hoping to reach > $300 per month at the end of the year. From this update onwards, I will be including a new piece of data called "Cash Holdings" as many of my readers requested it. Well, it does make sense since "cash" is also part of my portfolio. In the past, I do not regard cold, hard cash as part of my portfolio. I treated them as "Savings". Yea, I know, I am weird. Silly me. Heeeee....... 
The tragic Japanese earthquake in March presented a good opportunity to divest my funds mainly into Singtel and F&N. I feel that my portfolio has strengthened overall. Both stocks have been rising slowly but steadily over the past 2 weeks. Singtel rose from $2.85 to $3.03 and F&N rose from $5.28 to $6.08. 

My losses in K-Green Trust and CitySpring are largely mitigated by the dividends received from them. So, I guess my portfolio consolidation is worthwhile in the long run. 

I have been receiving dividends for January and February. Based on my current portfolio, I realised that I will be getting dividends for EVERY month of the year if the companies maintain their traditional CD dates. Good to know that my cash flow is stable and regular. ^^

Is your portfolio able to generate cash every month (12 times)? Every quarter (4 times)? Bi-annual (2 times)? Annual (1 time)? Please share the cash generating consistency of your portfolio in the comments below. ^^

Peace Out,
Dividends Warrior


Anonymous said...

was there dividends from cache in mar? i thot that was in feb?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

My bad. Me and my blurry eyes. Thanks for pointing that out.^^

Corrections done.

Musicwhiz said...

Pretty cool portfolio, and one which is primed for dividends. Keep it up! But just make sure the business is doing fine along with the cash flows, and you will see the dividends piling up over time, haha. I think a good target to aim for is about 5% yield over capital over the long-term. That's the level I am aiming to achieve too, for FY 2011 and beyond.

For myself, for YTD March 2011, total dividends are just about $1,000 as the dividend receipt dates of my companies are usually in May, August and December (the key months). My dividends do come quarterly but the amounts vary quite a bit due to the company year-ends and concentration within certain companies. For example, I have only a small position in Suntec REIT so even though the dividends are quarterly, they do not amount to much.

Overall, though, I aim to generate about $1,000 per month in dividends for FY 2011. For FY 2010, my average monthly dividend was $900 on a capital base of about $200,000, for a blended yield of about 5.4%.

Good point about cash too - I guess I should also include an estimated cash balance which is readily deployable as it forms part of my portfolio Management as well. But just to clarify - is the cash stated in your portfolio the total cash holdings deployable? Meaning did you less off amount needed for emergency funds and contingencies?

Thanks for sharing, cheers!

Anonymous said...

wow, u invested abt 80% of your liquid assets in stocks? Personally i wouldn't cross the 50%.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Musicwhiz,

Thanks for compliment and encouragement. ^^

I agree. A good business with strong, sustainable cash flow is important.

Seems like your portfolio's cash generating consistency is high too. Great! My "dividends boomz" months are also in May and Dec.

I believe you can achieve 1k per month in dividends. We shall fulfill our financial goals in 2011! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi anonymous,

My investment style is not suitable for everyone. For me, I am comfortable putting money into blue chips.

I am still relatively young, so I can afford to take more risk. Time is on my side.

Anyway, inflation rate is high in Singapore. I prefer putting my money to better use than just lying in the bank earning close to zero interest.

But of course, as I get closer to retirement in the future, I will slowly liquidate my stocks.

OT83 said...


Your portfolio looks good. Hopefully someday mine can look like yours.

Keep good post coming :)

Anonymous said...

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Ken said...

Hi Dividend Warrior

Great dividend portfolio! First of all, I must say you did a great job! > $200 dividend per month. I am sure you can move on and exceed your target.

And great question to ask in the last statement - monthly, quarterly, bi-annually. I am asking myself this question too.

For me, I am on the lookout for Neratel. Am expecting it to be 35 cents odd before entering.

I am also keen on SingPost.

By the way, I notice most retail investors prefer Cache than MapleTree Industrial Trust when it comes to income investing. Apart from yield-based and gearing, in your own opinion,

What do you think?

Thanks for your insights :)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi OT83,

We are of the same age! ^^

I m sure ur portfolio will continue to grow like mine. Maybe even do better. U just need to be patient and diligent. Do not make any rash moves.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Ken Tan,

Thanks for the blog exchange. ^^

Thanks for the compliment too.

As for the comparison between CACHE and MIT, I chose CACHE bcos it has more room for acquisitions and it also have strong, MNCs tenants.

The quality of the properties are better too.

Just my personal view though.