Sunday, August 5, 2012

Laziness Fuels My Motivation To Achieve FIRE

Since I started this blog 2 years ago, I have received my fair share of hate mails. Recently, the hate mails seem to be increasing. I will try to address this issue once and for all. If you do not want to see me raging, please do not read on. 

Criticism 1:
"If everyone is like you, only dreaming of attaining financial freedom without doing any serious work, Singapore's future will be in trouble. I wonder why youngsters nowadays are so lazy and unwilling to put in honest hard work like the older generations......"

First of all, let me make something clear. I completely admire and salute those people who have to earn a living through their own blood, sweat and sometimes even tears. More power to them. Some of them have to wake up before the sun comes out and return home only when the sun goes down, doing back-breaking jobs. However, that is not my personal preference. So, yes, I admit I am lazy. It is my laziness that motivates me to build up a dividend portfolio for passive income. It may not be your goal but it is mine. So, you can go ahead and be the shining role model for everyone, by working really hard. 
Next, what do you mean by "youngsters nowadays"? C'mon. Investors like Warren Buffett have been doing their stuff over many decades! LOL! I do not think dividend investing is invented just recently. 

Criticism 2:
"$118k portfolio at an age of 29? Really? I am a millionaire then."

Well, I do not understand what is so unbelievable about my portfolio. $118k is not THAT huge. Is it jealousy? I do not know. There are so many other investors with much larger portfolios than mine. So, as proof, here is my CDP statement below. I am sure some people will say it is photoshopped. If that is the case, I have nothing more to say. 

Criticism 3:
"Your blog has no substance at all. Not really useful for me."

Yes. You are absolutely right. My blog has no substance, no practical use. I am not an expert or guru. In fact, I often wonder why people bother reading my blog. 

Rant Over (for the first time),
Dividend Warrior


goldmansion said...

Sorry to read that you had received some criticism. I read many bloggers' blog to understand all their comments including yours but I am very cautious to criticize. In fact I never do it except putting in general comments.
anyway, I support you for the effort you put in. cheers!

Createwealth8888 said...

It is perfectly normal for public bloggers to receive such praise, hate or thank you emails.

They say if we cannot take the heat, then stay away from the kitchen.

lokster said...

Hey DW!

I have been following your blog for at least 1 year and I must thank you becos you have showed me that it is possible to create a dividend portfolio in Singapore! I have just ventured out and you have been my role model!

You can never please everyone so keep up the good work and do continue to offer advice to greenhorns like me and keep the circle of faith going!

Mr. IPO said...

just ignore the "hate mails"... you are doing really fine. I enjoyed reading your blogs.. My motto when i started working was "worked hard so that I don't have to work anymore"...

Anonymous said...

Hi Div Warrior,
for this criticism:

"If everyone is like you, only dreaming of attaining financial freedom without doing any serious work, Singapore's future will be in trouble. I wonder why youngsters nowadays are so lazy and unwilling to put in honest hard work like the older generations......"

Those who said this obviously dun understand the advantages of having multiple sources of income,especially passive income.

Having additional income will give us more options, such that we will be less at the mercy of the "environment".

SI@SG said...

Hi DW,

Though I just started blogging, I have been a follower of your blog for a long time and found your decisions very sound and helpful. Kudos to your enthusiasm and positivity too! The world in general is typically more prone to negativity as it is, so it does help to have bouts of positivity and enthusiasm like you!

I am an advocate of getting multiple streams of income too.
Nonetheless, a fact of life is there will always be people with differing views. Even wall street economists/analysts see things differently too! Lets not be too disturbed, ya!

Keep it up and achieve your passive income dream! Cheers!

Silly Beans said...

Working hard is good. But everyone eventually get old and maybe get tired. It's better to start building up the passive income from young age and ride on it. Or by then the hard earned money will worth very little.

Keep it up!

deejavu said...

Hi DW,

Don't fret. Building passive income is never wrong. Each to his own. Else, we won't have engineers, doctos or artists.

It is my dream to build multiple streams of passive income too. I look forward to have it support my lifestyle so that that I may do things that are more meaningful eventually.. e.g. helping the society. To contribute my time. This is not the thinking of a lazy person.

Besides, what's the point of working hard day and night, just to spend it all off.

Do keep on blogging and I enjoy reading your posts. Your monthly updates keeps my in check, stops me becoming a "short term trader". Reminds me to be patient and not look for short term gain.


Anonymous said...

Hey DW,

I started reading your blog a year ago. I am currently 25, turning 26 soon at the end of the year.

To the contrary of what your readers mention about the younger generation being lazy, I work two fulltime jobs, putting in about 100 each week.

I work hard at my jobs (NOT in the financial sector, but the traditional blood/swear/tears sector) which in turn gives me the financial muscle to start my dividend portfolio. I currently have about 120k in stocks, 98% of my net worth. I hope to achieve 150k before I turn 26.

I too have friends bitching about my take home pay, but in reality they too can earn more if they are willing to sacrifice their time and take up a second job. But no, they choose to "relax" and enjoy after they knock off at 5pm daily over beer and tv.

So, to each his own. Don't be bothered by the noise. As typical Singaporeans go by, they only know how to complain, rant, and get all green-eyed whilst being too lazy to alter their path through hard work.

Your fan.

Musicwhiz said...

I received far worse criticisms when I was blogging. So take things in stride and ignore, after all, it's your money. :)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

The young lion has roared!

Just a thank you note for inspiring an old cat like me to look beyond SGX and explore US equities ;)

Despite the withholding tax and forex exchange risks and all...

Ah! The limitations of having a parochial outlook...

Keep walking tall!

Anonymous said...

relax, u have a good sg portfolio!

Anonymous said...

These haters are the lazy ones. Most don't even want to learn about financial instruments, how it can benefit them and how they can let their money work for them. Yet, they display no such sloth when it comes to putting people down. Haters simply gonna hate.

You, my dear Dividend Warrior, are wayyyyy ahead in terms of working for what you want.


Anonymous said...

Just ignore all that kind of emails.. There is no obligation or whatever to reply to them. This people has nothing better to do than bashing other people that try to share information.

When I was 29, my portfolio size is closed to 100K, in fact, many youngster start their career in finance or legal can be far more than that. Now, I am at 31, my stock + UT portfolio size is already more than 200K (excluding cash). Unfortunately, I don't have any house yet :(.


kelvinlim said...

Hey bro, dont get upset with these people... get even! wait till your portfolio beats theirs! hahaha... anyway, anyone who doesnt recognise that singapore stocks have one of the highest dividend yields ard the world is surely not doing his research right. So keep up the good work. You're on the right track!

Supporter said...

Lazy? You are the more hardworking people I know. I think having an investment is not an easy task and requires focus and patience.

When one has found success, one tends to get more enemies and criticism.

I kinda wish I have hate mail, because that would mean I'm slowly inching my way to success and also, financial independence :)

Anonymous said...

MouldMole here:
Well... $118k is really nothing to RICH ppl. So whoever complaint abt you... really need to get a life.

btw. Dividend in USA.
not bad.. u can consider.

SnOOpy168 said...

There are always 2 sides of the coins and different POV.

Hate mails sometimes can point out certain ignorance which may be topic for your next discussion.

You have youth on your side and started young, with a good sense of financial direction. Wished I had started at your age, instead of pak-toring or looking at the next new SuperBike or car.

May our dividend grow and grow. As Spock says, live long & prosper.

Anonymous said...

lazy hmmm, let's put it this way - your money is working very hard for you. cheers

Anonymous said...

Continue being 'lazy'! I am also 'lazy' heh :)

Ric said...

There are always people like. Just ignore them. I even met a friend who is not interested in money that is earned too easily (not sure if it is stupidity or wat).

Jason.c said...

I just want to show support!! Everyone has freedom to choose what is suitable for them to live, as for people like us, we want financial free when we can have more precious time to spend with the family and those loved one. In order to have the power to choose, financial freedom is the way. Ignored the noise, focus on what you think is right, somewhere down the road, see who is the last man standing. Keep it up!!

CY said...

enjoy reading your blog. keep it up, dont be discouraged. cheers!

AK71 said...

Hi DW,

I guess you were not just consoling me when you said that I am not alone. ;p

Well, stiff upper lip and soldier on, my friend in income investing. :)

juvie said...

I've no knowledge on all this things or whatsoever, just started reading up on investment a few days ago. Reading your blog really helps! :)

Anonymous said...

If they find your blog useless, then dun read it lah, anyone force them to?!..u r so kind, should've seen how xiaxue hit back at her haters...enjoy reading your blog, keep it going!

Anonymous said...

hi, i just want to say, i have been and regular reader and you have inspired me to built my own portfolio. So do keep doing what you do best! thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hi..don be discouraged.As a reader i am really glad that someone out there like yourself are willing to share out your thoughts and ways to achieve financial freedom.Those who criticize may do it out of jealousy so just continue sharing,i enjoy reading your thoughts

Anonymous said...

Hello DW!

Been reading your blog lately and share some similarities with you with regards to family background, upbringing and future goals.

Just want to let you know that you know you have made it when you finally have haters, so keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You see, how many of those people out there is willing to show the world thier portfolio..small or huge.. alot of them end up makin seminars and sell products tactics which u dont know might work not.. at least DW is showing one of the path to financial freedom.. kudoz to dw

FoodieFC said...


I am sure u know that I have been following ur blog for sometime.

Critics are normal. In this world, you can never please everyone. If you are lucky 80% will praise u, 20% will critise u. If you are unlucky its the other way round.

I really dunno abt the others. But if someone comes back and visit ur blog, it means they find it useful!

Nameless said...

Just do what you have to do, for you will be dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.

90/10 rule always holds because majority criticize rather than analyse.