Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 2012 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Total dividends collected in 2012
Total Invested Capital
Projected Annual Yield (2012)
Average Monthly Dividends (2012)
Available funds for investment

Paper Gain / Loss (S$)

S$28, 100

For the month of August, I received a total of S$2034.69 in dividends from Singtel, M1, Starhub, CapitaMall Trust (CMT), Frasers Centrepoint Trust (FCT), Suntec REIT, First REIT and CACHE. 

1) Singtel - S$540
2) M1 - S$330
3) Starhub - S$500
4) CMT - S$166.60
5) FCT - S$104
6) Suntec REIT - S$141.66
7) First REIT - S$193
8) CACHE - S$59.43

My portfolio's unrealised paper gain is around S$28k. The latest bumper crop of dividends boosted my monthly passive income this year to around S$748. 

Due to popular demand from my readers, I have finally added a new column called "Annual Yield" into my spreadsheet above. The highest-yielding stock in my portfolio is AIMS AMIP REIT (10.3%) and the lowest-yielding one is IHH (0%).

Latest Additions:
After 2 months of complete inactivity, I decided to go on a buying spree. It is time for my portfolio to cross the S$130k mark. However, I do not intend to buy stocks just for the sake of buying. If you have read my previous post, you would know that I am looking to add more medical stocks. Therefore, I bought 4 lots of PLife REIT (price dipped after XD) and 3 lots of IHH. I bought PLife REIT for the regular cash distributions and IHH for its future growth potential. 

Lastly, I added 3 more lots of FCT because I believe the DPU will increase when Causeway Point Mall completes its renovations by year end. This latest buying spree has totally depleted my opportunity fund. My aim is to expand my portfolio to S$150k by year end. Ha!

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior


Anonymous said...


Yr SG & US portfolio plus cash are worth around a total of S$210K! Cool!


Anonymous said...

What makes you decide to add on to PLife reit instead of First reit?

B said...



Hv been trying to catch you but you have gone way ahead now in front of me... hahaha just kidding.

All the best and I'm sure you'll hit your target of 150K by this year end. :)


Cory said...

Nice Catch of Telcos and Reits.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Ansel,

Thanks for the compliment! ^^


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

I decided to add PLife REIT bcos it has quality hospitals like Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles in its portfolio. Secondly, its price is rather stable. No big fluctuations.

Lastly, First REIT's DPU will no longer be 1.93 cents. It will drop to around 1.6 cents bcos it has finished distributing the proceeds from the divestment of its Adam Road property.

Cheers. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi B,

You have a pretty impressive portfolio. You are doing great too!

Thanks for the encouragement. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Cory,

Thanks for the compliment.

Ya. I feel like a fisherman, trying to catch quality dividend stocks and keep them in my aquarium. LOL.

Daniel said...

Keep up the good work in writing your post on dividend investing. Which i believe those people who are interested in dividend investing will benefit from your blog.

JW said...


I'm actually looking to sell some stocks now instead of buying... i.e. stocks with capital gain but low dividend yield...

Dividend Tech Warrior said...


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi JW,

Nice to hear from U. It is good to take profit once in awhile.:)

Anonymous said...

whats with the constant advertisement on hardwarezone, im going to get u banned

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

Ooooooo........ telcos and REITs giving dividends are the top national secrets!!!!!

Shhhhhhhh......... we are not supposed to tell anyone. We must quietly, stealthily earn the dividends ourselves. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,
while I was thinking about dividend investing, suddenly a thought struck me; what if all of us decides to do dividend investing?
This means we will buy and hold for long. Wun this greatly reduce the liquidity of the dividend stocks?

Lisa said...

Silly question, but how do you compute annual yield? How is this different from dividend yield?

I really appreciate your blog and have been inspired to set up my own portfolio. Am currently hoarding cash to splash out when prices (eventually) go down...

KP said...

Hi DW, been following your blog..Do you think it is a good time to enter the market? looking at your portfolio, most of the stcks that you are holding have risen to great heights...haha... any more opportunities for newbies like me?

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,

Quick question. How do you calculate the (Theoretical) ex-dividend price?

Been following your blog for a month now, and it's been an awesome read.


Epps said...

Hi DW,

I think you did admirably on your passive income goal so far.
Stock prices can fall quite a lot inbad times, or provide zero or negative growth for a decade or two. Some examples are:
1. Stock price can fall a lot in recession, e.g.
-in Asia Financial Crisis 1996~1998, Singapore STI fell 68% from 2500 to 800;
-in DotCom Crash 2000~2003 STI fell 52% from 2500 to 1200;
-in year 2007~2009, STI fell 62% from 3900 to 1456.
-in Iceland 2008, stock market OMX fell 88% from 5671 to 582.
2. Stock price can have zero growth or fall for long time, eg.
-in U.S 1970s, stock market has virtualy 0% returns after yearly inflation of 8%.
-in U.S. 2000~2010, stock market has practically zero growth - 'lost decade' of capital growth for stocks.
-Japan Nikkei stock index falling 77% continuously for 24 continuous years in 1998~2012, from 38,915 points to 9162 points.

With a stock heavy portfolio like yours, you can potentially suffer from a paper loss of a third to half of your wealth during recessions, or you could have missed the chance to grow your capital during a potential decade of 'zero/negative growth' in stock market. I think you have not gone through such recession yet, which is what your parents were afraid of with regards to stocks. When you encounter such recession in future, where stock market drop and you see paper loss of 10%...20%...30%...40%...50%...60%..., what will you be doing?
a. bail out all stocks at 25% cut loss? (I found that 20% portfolio loss was my limit for my previous stock heavy portfolio, afterwhich I switched to a portfolio with more diversified assets and lesser volatility)
b. average down and regularly buy stocks when stock market dropping 10%...20%...30%..., while calmly collecting lesser dividends and ignoring paper wealth loss of 30%...40%...50%...60%.. of your investment capital? (really think and be realistic about whether you are mentally prepared to endure 30%to 60% paper losing of your money, and not knowin1g how long the recession will last...)
c. start diversify your investment from now into some long term government bonds (not corporate bonds which do badly during recession), so that in recession and deflation times, the long term bonds which are then rapidly rising in value will provide buffer and reduce your entire portfolio loss?

I would appreciate if you can share what you think will be realistic for you to do for your dividend investment portfolio during a future stock market crash.
Thank you.

SS said...

Hi DW, How to find companies with dividend payout? where to look for in thier reports?

Anonymous said...

Hi DW,
Been following your blog awhile. Just 1 qns: Sabana REIT yield is pretty high, what's stopping you to add that into your portfolio to boost the overall percentage?

Unknown said...

Hi DW, With low interest rates, the REITS has lower borrowing costs hence higher distributions per unit. At the same time, investors pour into REITS as interest is low and REITS are attractive. However, the interest rates is at the bottom and only way is up. When that happens not only the DPU reduce and put pressure on the share price, investors cash out putting more pressure. It might be few years down the road but need to keep a look out. I was not prepared in the last down turn and lost significant of my portfolio.

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Anonymous said...

Nice portfolio and nice returns. However, you should do some portfolio re balancing and cash out stocks sometimes especially when stocks are near highs.