Friday, April 5, 2019

Dividend Warrior's Best Quarterly Performance In 10 Years! Another New High!

At the end of March, my portfolio market value hit a new high of S$472,287 with no new transactions done, inching ever closer to that S$500k milestone! I collected a total of $4,320 in dividends and distributions in the first quarter. Power of CD! ^^

Banks and blue-chip S-REITs have been rising steadily through March. Uncertainties from a slowdown in global economic growth, inverted yield curve, potential hard Brexit, and ongoing trade talks between the US and China did not dampen the spirits of the market. I guess the pause in Fed rate hike helped alot in supporting the current 'rising tide'. In my opinion, the interest rate is unlikely to return to its previous high of around 5% during 2006-2007. Firstly, the inflation rate in US and many other developed nations remain historically low. Secondly, the US economy is showing no signs of overheating. 

The More You Learn, The More You Earn
Dividend Warrior


STE said...

Hi DW ,
Congrats & Bravo!! A superb performance in Q1 2019 and your portfolio vale hitting $500 K soon....clap clap

Ed Choi said...

It is great to see the performance you had made.

Keep going and learn a lot from your blog

Reader from Hong Kong

Dividend Tech Warrior said...


Thanks for the support! :)
I am a keen follower of your blog too.


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Ed Choi,

Wow, very rare for a Hong Kong reader to drop a comment here.
Thanks for the encouragement! :)
All the best to your investments too!

garudadri said...

Well done DW! The REITs have yielded the desired cash flow . Have you booked profits on any of these considering that they have run up a lot with current yields at under 5-5.5%? I hold quite a few of what you have and sold some over the past 2 weeks. Ascendas Reit- significant pullback in Friday, was a case to note.

Elirion said...

Hi there,

Do u track your annual return?
I wanna compare dividend investment with a global etf like IWDA.

Thanks !

Dante69 said...

Congrats.Tengah is going to be very nice area.New town layout

Dante69 said...

I follow you on HWZ too.Your tips help mitigate my stock trading mistakes.