Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Always have a Plan B

I watched "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" yesterday. It was great. Transformers are my childhood heroes. ^^

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on if you intend to catch the movie.

After my time in the army, I learnt to always have a Plan B ready. My sergeant will always ask me "Soldier, what's the wet weather plan?" I also applied this thinking on my financial planning too. My Plan A is to build a normal career, working a 9 to 5 job diligently. However, if something drastic (retrenchment/ pay cut/ mid-life crisis/ health problems) happens, I also have a plan B to fall back on. My Dividend Portfolio serves as my Plan B, my wet weather plan, by providing me with a steady stream of passive income.

So, while I was watching the Transformers movie, I love the scene where the Autobots escaped from the space shuttle/rocket unscathed. They have a Plan B! They built an escape pod in the first-stage booster rocket so that they could escape the exploding main rocket before Starscream fired the missiles at them.

After watching the movie, I had my lunch at Wendy's. Gonna share some mouth-watering pictures that I took with my phone's camera. Hee ^^

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Burger set meal. The meat patty is more tender and juicier than KFC's Zinger burger.  The bun is softer. Not overly spicy.  Overall, I prefer this over the Zinger. The fries are great too! Crispy on the outside and soft inside.
I ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. The serving is huge! The bowl of salad can serve a meal by itself!. Luckily, I have my friend to share it with me, otherwise, I could not finish it on my own.

My friend ordered the Fried Chicken set. He said it is too salty.

So, what's your Plan B? Or maybe you even have a Plan C? Share your comments below. ^^

Peace Out,
Dividends Warrior


coconut said...

just wondering what is your weight.

Kyith said...

that is probably the worse cancer causing meal.

financialray said...

My Plan A is like yours, hold a regular job and get paid regularly. My Plan B is getting rental income from property investments, and hopefully capital appreciation in the long term for either retirement planning and/or children education fund. My Plan C is to have 6 to 12 months of emergency fund in case no tenant to help me with the mortgage loan. My Plan D is to have a mortgage insurance in case something happens to me, my family will get the property/properties FOC. However, deep in my heart, I hope Plan C and D will not be executed.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi financialray,

I guess most people have a similar plan A. Get good qualifications (degree), work hard and get promoted. The story of the rat race. Lol.....

Ur plan B si viable too. Rental income is also a stable form of passive income.

All the best! ^^

Lucas Kain said...

Watched the new Transformers, too. Although I liked it, I felt like there was something more to be wanted! Not aware why or what exactly caused this thought, but that's the fact. Thanks for your awesome blog!

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Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Jimmy!

Thanks for the compliment.

Yup. The film gave me a sense of nostalgia. But I just dun feel really connected to the characters.

The Joemeister said...

My plan A & B is opposite of DW. Currently on a 9-6 job while working towards Plan A. Plan A is to live off passive income by 50. Plan B is to continue salaried job till 65.