Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 2011 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

*The current price is accurate as of 18 Nov 2011.

Portfolio Breakdown:
Green: Telcos (44.3%)
Blue: Conglomerates (29.42%)
Orange: REITs (22.93%)
Red: Transport (3.35%)

Total dividends collected     
(since Jan 2010)
Total Invested Capital
Annual Dividend Yield (%)
6% - 7%
Current Dividend per month
Realised capital gain/loss
(since Jan 2010)
SG$6, 407
Unrealised capital gain/loss
(since Jan 2010)
SG$6, 623
Investment Funds

  • Divested F&N and made a profit of SG$800.
  • Collected a total dividends of SG$1,026.53 in November
- Starhub: SG$450
- CapitaMall Trust: SG$72.60
- Suntec REIT: SG$151.98
- First REIT: SG$153.60
- CACHE: SG$62.85
- Frasers Centrepoint Trust: SG$100.50

Finally, I achieved my 2011 passive income target of SG$400 per month.
Looking forward, I will be getting huge dividends from SPH and AIMS in December. Nowadays, I only do some general monitoring of my Singapore Dividend Portfolio. No major changes expected in the near future. I am pretty satisfied with the overall composition of this portfolio. I guess my portfolio has reached a "stable" stage.
I am still working on my new Global Dividend Growth Portfolio. Will be posting it soon. Take care! ^^

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior


Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Dividend Warrior,

Nice portfolio you have. Currently I am trying to diversify my portfolio.

Freedom Achiever.

FoodieFC said...

fruits of your labour! How long did you take to build this up?

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi FA,

Thanks for the compliment. I know that you are quite heavily invested in Singtel. I think it is alright since Singtel is a strong blue chip.

However, no harm diversifying a a little though. Good Luck!^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Foodie,

Thanks for dropping by.

Ya. Really fruits if my labour. I made some sacrifices along the way. No expensive holidays, cheaper clothing, eating at home.

But it is worth it. I want to have a good head start in my 20s.

I took about 2 years to build this up. I started in 2009 end, 2010 start.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Hi Dividend Warrior!

I am impressed. Despite the market volatility, your portfolio is very in the green and have 3 margin of safety buffers:

1) Continued dividends of 6-7%

2) Unrealised gain of $6,600

3) Cash dry gunpowder of 4,000
(comes from realised gain of

Hey! Even if STI goes to 2300, you will be able to take advantage of it ;)

Looking forward to your Global Dividend Growth portfoilo as I am planning diversifying to overseas assets too!

JW said...

Hi DW,

I haven't been updating my blog... lol...

Congrats on achieving your target!!! I'm still far from my Goal 2013.... SIGH!!!!!

I'm experimenting with moving to a more sustainable form of income earning as compared to my job, but in so doing, will be experiencing a severe reduction in salary... Hopefully it works out...

Anonymous said...

Only one in the red..
Just sell everything and wait for market to "crash"....

Dividend Tech Warrior said...


Thanks for the support. My portfolio is still in the green. Tats why I think it has reached a "stable" state where it Just keep churning out cash for me regularly. ^^

Hopefully, I can achieve something similar with my Global Dividend Growth portfolio.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi JW,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

All the best in your new venture! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anonymous,

If market crashes, I will just buy more.

Melvin said...

Do you spend much in life or u have the discipline in spending money. Its a strong portfolio you have there.