Sunday, November 25, 2012

DW Operation Tung Lok Treat @ Changi City Point

I am a die-hard supporter of Tung Lok restaurant. A few months back, I went to Tung Lok Signatures at Clarke Quay. Yesterday, after purchasing my Toshiba ultrabook, I went over to Changi City Point and treated my family to a satisfying afternoon dim sum meal.

Enjoy the photos! ^^

The napkin.

Crispy Char Siew Bun
(I took a bite first. Heee!)

Fried carrot cake with XO chilli sauce
I like this alot and it goes well with the sliced fish porridge beside it

Egg tarts.
Disappointing. The crust was not flaky enough for me. :(
No fragrant egg taste too

Deep fried prawn dumpling

Salted egg custard bun a.k.a "liu sha bao"

Finally, my all-time favourite - Xiao Long Bao!
I ordered 2 sets. Shiok!

My $22k War Chest! 
I am ready to pounce on any opportunities. ^^

Burp Out,
Dividend Warrior 


Velu said...

Need to try out the carrot cake myself. Maybe this week.

abc1987 said...

Haha become food blog liao! :D make me hungry...

Anonymous said...

Wow u so no life and kiam siap yet u actually went to a restaurant... Good for u

Anonymous said...

Kiam siap gui, great to hear u enjoying life alittle bit, esp with ur extreme wealth and money made~ cheers!!!