Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DW January 2013 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Total dividends collected in 2013
Total Invested Capital
Projected Annual Yield (2013)
Average Monthly Dividends (2013)
Available funds for investment

S$5, 000
Unrealized Paper Gain (S$)

S$42, 175

For the month of January, I received a total of SGD$584.50 from Singtel and CapitaMall Trust. 
- Singtel: SGD$476
- CapitaMall Trust: SGD$108.50

There were major changes to my portfolio. I sold IHH and took a little profit. Armed with fresh funds from this sale and my year end bonus,  I went on my biggest buying spree yet. I averaged up on M1, Frasers CentrePoint Trust and AIMS AMIP REIT. As a result, the cost value of my dividend portfolio crossed the SGD$180k mark for the first time! I am confident of achieving my 2013 passive income goal of SGD$1000 per month. In fact, I might even surpass that goal. 

** However, please note that I got the initial batch of these stocks at lower prices, therefore, I can afford to take on more risks. For newbie investors who want to buy stocks now, I am afraid that the market is already overbought. My advice will be to wait for a correction before entering.  

After this super power-up, my top three holdings are AIMS AMP REIT, Starhub and Singtel. Much to my disappointment, Singtel did not correct much after XD. I shall wait patiently for an opportunity to accumulate more. 

I remember telling you guys that I started to see the "snowballing" effect after my portfolio crossed the SGD$100k mark. I cannot wait to build up my portfolio to the magical  SGD$200k mark by 2014. We shall see some serious "compounding" effect then. ^^

Oh yes....by the way, to clear the air after looking through some comments on my previous post. 
I am NOT a guru! 
I have never ever said I am a guru before!

Peace Out,
Dividend Warrior 


Musicwhiz said...

Hi DW,

I don't really understand the way you write about "Margin of Safety". The definition which I understand is that a margin of safety exists when the assessed valuation of a security is much higher than its current market price, and therefore you obtain a buffer in case the business suffers due to unforseen circumstances.

However, your definition here seems to relate purely to being vested at a lower price; and hence you have "margin of safety" by averaging up.

But my point is that averaging up is somewhat riskier as prospects may not have changed for the securities you are looking at - the market merely reflects a higher valuation possibly due to sentiment or optimism. Therefore, I would argue that averaging up may actually REDUCE margin of safety unless one does a thorough due diligence of the underlying securities and is confident that prospects have indeed improved to justify either higher future valuations or a more positive business outlook (than previously).



Anonymous said...

Hi may I know the reason for selling IHH? I have quite some IHH shares on hand too.. care to share your views? thanks

CreateWealth8888 said...

Cannot anyhow use the Term "margin of safety". LOL!

Kyith said...

think what he is talking about is margin of comfort. low price means less chance of losing money.

it doesn't mean prices < true valuation of future cash flow

Dividends Wizard said...

Sold most of my reits ,


Kyith said...

so the dividend investor becomes the dividend seller

Anonymous said...

Hi Dividends Wizard,

Care to elaborate more on the 'storm' ?


Integrator said...

Nice work dividend wizard. I'm also focussed on financial independence through dividends. Keep your focus, you'll ultimately get where you want to.

Winthur said...

Hi DW,

Am a total noob in dividends and i am very interested in making passive income like yourself. Am not a greedy person but it's really better to earn dividends than interest from banks.

Therefore i would like to humbly seek your guidance in how to start in investing and getting dividends.

I have tried forex as rec by a frn of mine but losses 20k on it. would very much like to recoupe back those losses through other means.

Tried Stocks with Kim Eng and profited around 500 bucks since started 3 months ago.

I would like to know how to go about starting to earn dividends. something like step by step noob guide. Where can i open an account to start to invest?

According to your port folio, does it means i can buy those lots like what you have posted?

Am a bit lost but would gladly heed any useful advice from you.

Hope you can email me @ winthurchp@gmail.com to teach me and give a few pointers on how do i actually start the whole thing in nut shell.


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi MW and Drizzt,

I have changed my phrasing. Cheers!^^

I will not use the "Margin of Safety" again.....LOL!

IncVest said...

What plugin do u use to put your excel tables as a blog post?

Your blog is an inspiration:)

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi IncVest,

Thanks for the compliment. ^^

I copy my excel tables over to Microsoft Word.

Next, I will copy the table from MS Word onto blogger.