Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DW March 2013 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Average Price
Yield on cost
% of Portfolio
Frasers CentrePoint Trust
CapitaMall Trust
CACHE Logistics Trust
Suntec REIT
First REIT
Sabana REIT
HPH Trust
K- Green Trust

Total dividends collected in 2013
Total Invested Capital
Projected Annual Yield (2013)
Average Monthly Dividends (2013)
Available funds for investment

S$1, 000
Unrealized Paper Gain (S$)


For the month of March, I received a total of S$776.19 in cash distributions.
  • AIMS AMP: S$645
  • HPH Trust: S$131.19
Unrealised capital gain has increased from S$46k to S$56k this month, thanks largely to Singtel, Starhub and SPH. My monthly passive income stays above S$700. If my portfolio remains unchanged, I am expecting to get S$1060 per month on average for FY2013. Technically speaking, I have sort of achieved financial freedom because my passive income is sufficient to cover my expenses.^^

I added K-Green Trust to my portfolio. It operates waste-to-energy power plants and a NEWater plant in Singapore. It is a stable business. I will not wake up tomorrow and find people of Singapore stop using electricity and water. Even during an economic downturn, we still need electricity and water in our daily lives. Catalysts will be new acquisitions this year. 

HPH Trust has just acquired two new deep-water berths. It will be yield-accretive. Contributions will be reflected in the next cash distribution. I bought HPH Trust as a proxy to the continued strong growth of China and Hong Kong. 

Recently, lots of retail investors are focusing on the fierce penny rally. Some of my readers told me that I can use my passive income to 'play' penny stocks. However, penny stocks do not interest me and I definitely do not 'play' with stocks. Just like my Mom used to tell me not to play with matchsticks, I adopt a rather serious stance when it comes to investments. I shall remain steadfast in my dividend investment strategy.  It has served me well so far. 

People say 'Cash is King'. DW says 'Cash Flow is King'. 

Create your own cash machine today and be rewarded!

Rock On!
Dividend Warrior


TI said...

I like your strategy of investing in stable business, such as K-Green Trust. Helps us to sleep well at night with no worries =)

Unknown said...

Hi DW,

So happy to see you add K-green to your portfolio. It's always a delight to see your portfolio growing every month.
The 7% yield seems very attractive.

heialifi said...

Hi dw,
For hph trust there is two counter, usd and sgd. which counter is better and why?

Unknown said...

Hi DW,

May I know how do I count the dividend yield in % if I got this infor.

Example: 0.002 tax exempt and 0.004 less tax?

Does exempt and less tax means the same?
I saw this at sgx website when I check out the reits.

Thank you

Unknown said...

I would like to start a portfolio like yours but as i'm totally new to investing, i would like your advice.


Dividend Rider said...

DW, great post as usual! :-)

I recently changed a bit my strategy as I could not find any good priced dividend stocks in Singapore.

what's your view on the next quarter outlook? anything in particular you are looking for to acquire?


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Just An Average Guy,

Thanks for the compliment.

Yes. I prefer to have investments that allow me to sleep soundly at night.


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your support! ^^

I like the feeling of seeing my portfolio (cash machine) grow every month.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi heialifi,

The USD counter has much more liquidity.

But I bought the SGD because I receive the cash distributions in SGD, so it easier for my calculations.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Jeremy Tan,

To retail investors like us, less tax and tax exempt mean the same. Just take the money. Dun need to pay taxes. ^^

As for calculating for yields. Add up all the distributions for the year and divide by the price od the stock.

For example CMT:

Full year distributions: $0.093
Stock price: $2.10
Annual Yield: $0.093/$2.10 = 4.4% (much better than bank interests)


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Tan Brian-Xaxier,

Good to know that you are starting a portfolio.

Before I give u any suggestions. You may want to tell your age, present capital, investment goal and risk tolerance.

This is to help me better advise you.^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Dividend Rider,

Thanks for the compliment! ^^

Right now, I am looking at Neratel, Thaibev, ST Eng, SATS, Sembcorp and Rickmers.

sharkinvest3344 said...

Hi DW,

I am mid 20s.

I have like 5k currently.

Would like to start my own portfolio too.

My investment goal is to make use of this 5k rather than putting it into the banks

Risk tolerance, i am ready to lose up to 50% since this will be my first

K-green looks good definitely, would it be good for me as first dividend ?

Thanks for advice.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi sharkinvest3344,

Since you are young and this is your first purchase. I will recommend CapitaMall Trust at around $2.08

West Gate Mall is coming up soon. It is the largest and longest-listed REIT since 2003.

Its yield is more than 4%. Much better than bank interest.

My second recommendation would be Starhill Global. Its DPU will be increasing.

My last recommendation will be First REIT. It still has room to grow.

sharkinvest3344 said...

hi DW,

thanks for the input, will go look at the few u mentioned !

will look forward your updates !

Unknown said...

Hi DW,

I am new to investment, would like to know how to determine whether the reit price is good to buy?


Luke Ng said...

Hi, chanced upon your blog and I am really inspired to become a passive earner like you do.

Just a question, how long does it takes for you to reach the initiate sum of ~60,000 (as in your 2010 post)

should i start with trading first, to accumulate the sum before passive investment?

KeVIn said...

Hi Dw

I've always enjoyed reading your posts and have been appreciating your thoughts on expanding ur portfolio. Right now I have a qn which I have trouble deciding on: If I have ~6K to spend, what stocks should I be looking at for starters? Should I be looking at Reits as well?

Cheers mate! :)

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Luke Ng said...

Hi DW,

I was trying to create a table like your so as to keep check on my investments.

But I cannot figure out how you calculate % of portfolio?
What is its uses?


Jay said...

Hi DW: Congrats to your nicely growing cash flow!

I'm dividend-heavy as well, although I started switching more into growth stocks this year. K-Green I like for diversification from SREITS and the (theoretical) potential of debt-financed acquisitions. Had looked at HPH as well, but the currency has so far been a factor not to invest (even the SGD counter is of course ultimately based on USD/HKD).

All the best!

Unknown said...

hi dw, i am a young investor. what will you suggest i can buy now? since the market has kinda rebounded a little?

Unknown said...

by the way,im a young and new investor and havent bought anything yet. im interested to build up my portfolio but do not know what to buy in. can you advise pls. thanks

Mhan said...

Saw your site, nice portfolio you have for the SG counters, especially on how you build your port circulating mainly reits.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dividend Warrior,

I have been following your blog and your posts in hardwarezone. They are informative and at times, entertaining as well. Thanks for sharing!

Also, as a result of following your blog, I have bought into some shares, which have paid dividends and have good capital gains too.

I have a few questions on investing and would like to seek your advice or opinion. The first is, what factors do you look at when you decide to add to your existing holdings?

For example, I have bought starhub and capitalmall reit back in 2010 and 2011. From then till now, I did not add to those positions, always fearing that price is too expensive. On hindsight, it has been a mistake to stay aside.

Secondly, do you set profit targets or stop losses for your investments? For example, if there was a financial crisis, would you hold on tight even though price is falling fast or would you cash out while there are still paper profits to be made?

Lastly, I am looking at adding Cache logistics and MapleTree Ind/Log to my portfolio. What is your opinion on current price levels for reits and telcos?

Thank you!

Anna said...

Hi Divided Warrior,

I chance upon your blog few months ago and have been following it since. I would like to invest. But how do I go about doing it? Do i have to engage a stock boker? How do i get a stock boker?

Thanks ;p

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi vinnier,

Whether the price of REITs is good to enter or not is really subjective. I really have no answer to your question.

According to experts, prices are most REITs are getting bubbly. Not a good time to enter now.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Luke,

I saved up for 2 years. I would advise against trading to build up capital.

You should save up for capital.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the compliments.

If I have 6k now, I will buy either Starhill Global REIT, First REIT or MIT.

Cheers. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for dropping a comment.

All the best to your investments! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi babycloud cloud,

I am looking at Starhill Global REIT, First REIT or MIT now.

Prices are indeed high now. So, do tread with caution.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the compliment! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Weng,

Thanks for following my blog.

I usually add more of a certain stock if there is future catalysts for growth. That's why I went heavy into REITs in 2011 and 2012. Thankfully, I was right.

During a crisis, I will probably sell my REITs. But I will keep the telcos and SPH.

I suggest getting CACHE or MIT for industrial REIT.


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Anna,

You need to set up an account with the brokerage firm.

Example: DBS Vickers, UOB Kayhian, Standard Chartered, OCBC, POEMS, CIMB, Kim Eng etc.

Need to fill up the application forms.

Then, you can start buying stocks on the internet platform.

Anna said...

Thanks ;p

Darren said...

Hi Dividend Warrior, for a possible economic downturn next week, which stock would u look for a plunge and load up?

Unknown said...

Hi DW ,
Chanced upon this blog on hwz and found it to be an excellent read overall.

Based on the replies above , can I assume that it's not a good time to enter the reits market now ?

I'm an avg joe with savings around 6-8k and this will be my primary investment to look into , just wondering if you can provide some recommendations , thanks in advance.