Monday, May 13, 2013

DW May 2013 Singapore Dividend Portfolio Update

Average Price
Yield on cost
% of Portfolio
Frasers CentrePoint Trust
CapitaMall Trust
CACHE Logistics Trust
Suntec REIT
First REIT
Sabana REIT
HPH Trust
K- Green Trust

Total dividends collected (2013)
Total Invested Capital
Projected Annual Yield (2013)
Average Monthly Dividends (2013)
Available funds for investment

Unrealized Paper Gain (S$)


For the month of May, I will receive a total of S$2, 255.78 in dividends and cash distributions from Starhub, SPH, CapitaMall Trust (CMT), Frasers CentrePoint Trust (FCT), Suntec REIT, CACHE, Sabana REIT and First REIT.
  1. Starhub: S$1000 (3 May & 30 May)
  2. SPH: S$350 
  3. CMT: S$172.20
  4. FCT: S$270
  5. Suntec REIT: S$133.68
  6. CACHE: S$11.30
  7. Sabana REIT: S$144.60
  8. First REIT: S$174
Due to the strong market rally recently, the unrealised paper gain of my portfolio has increased to around S$75k as of 10 May 2013. My monthly average dividend has also increased significantly to more than S$1k. Looks like my decision to plonk most of my savings and year-end bonus into CACHE, AIMS AMP and FCT back in January, was correct. My patience has been rewarded. I get to enjoy both capital appreciation and passive income! ^^ 

Power of CD!
Dividend Warrior


Unknown said...

During bull run, whatever stocks you buy can make money.

That is why SG Web Reviews always invest only during crisis.


B said...

Impressive portfolio.

No additions this month?

test said...

i tot u sold off ur M1?

heialifi said...

i tot u rebought M1 at 3.31

greenfr095 said...

Total dividends collected over Total Invested Capital is giving you only 2.87%. is it worth ?

obviously, unrealized paper gain ( capital gain ) will give you more handsome profit.

Dividends Wizard said...


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Greatsage,

You would be surprised how many people still lost money in this bull market rally over the past few years.....

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi B,

Thanks for the compliment.:)

Yup. No new addition for me......

Btw, your recent purchase of VICOM is an astute decision. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Temp,

Yup. I sold off M1.

Then, I bought back again at $3.33

Classical case of "seller's remorse"....:(

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Heialifi,

I bought back M1 at $3.33

Table has been corrected.^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi greenfr095,

Please note that we are still in May.
7 more months to go before end of the year.
Therefore, my overall blended dividend yield will be closer to 7% by December.

Also note that my unrealised paper gain has been accumulating over 4 years of investing. So, if it is dividend by 4, the amount is really not that huge.


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Dividends Wizard,

I need some of your magical powers....LOL..... said...

Nera Tel, paying quite high dividend, any comments?

Zk said...

Hi,div warrior,would you recommend buying First or Cache REIT at the moment with prices of $1.41?i think they are pretty much overvalued with yield gg below 6% soon....any other reits you would recommend buying with price max at $1.60 per share?fct and cmt are above $1.60 and out of my reach...many thanks;)!

^_^ said...

DW, would you be worried if interest rates were to slowly go up?

Especially if the US recovers well and the feds decide to slowly raise rates starting from 2014 or 2015, maybe interest rates go up to like 3-5%. In such a scenario, what changes would you make to your portfolio?

Alan said...


Would you recommend one to buy Venture at this point of time?

Is it a good stock to buy to earn dividend?


Unknown said...

Hi DW,

Impressive dividends you received for this month. All reits seem very expensive. What you think about HPH? The price is still below IPO..and it's almost 2 years since first listing.

bb said...


Starhub is plunging. Will you be selling Starhub?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dividend Warrior,

Thanks very much for sharing your portfolio and REITS reviews on the blog.

There are a few questions where i would like to seek your advice on.

- When do you decide to add more shares to an existing position? e.g. if you already have 3 lots in a stock or reit, what factors do you look at before you decide to buy a few more lots in that particular reit or stock?

- Do you look at Technical Analysis to determine your entry and exits?

- Do you have profit taking targets or stop loss levels for your reit and stock holdings?

- Is negative cashflow something to be concerned about? e.g. I am interested in CACHE and its fundamentals look sound. But its latest annual free cashflow is a steep drop into negative territory. Should I be cautious about this?

- Lastly, if you were looking to add or buy more lots, would you to continue to ride the uptrend or to wait for a correction before entering?

That is all. Thanks a lot for your time and effort and good investing!

Dividend Tech Warrior said...


Neratel has a strong balance sheet. Decent and consistent dividends too.

In fact, I have added it to my portfolio last week. :)

After XD, the price dipped. So u may consider buying some now.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi czk,

First REIT and CACHE are reasonable choices.

Mapletree Industrial Trust is another good option.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Felix Leong,

No, I will not worry about a slow gradual rise in interest rates. Bcos the REITs will see it coming and can prepare accordingly. However, there might be knee-jerk reactions from investors.

I am more wary of the end of QE.....the market might suffer a correction.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Alan,

I would not advise investing in Venture.

A dividend cut is not a good sign.

Just my opinion though.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Dividend Chaser,

The strike did not do as much damage as I feared. It is still a reasonable high dividend yielder. I use HPH to give my portfolio a little mini yield boost. As you can see in my table, HPH is only 1.7% of my portfolio.

Cash Flow is king! ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi bb,

No. I will not be selling Starhub. ^^

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi Weng,

1. Three factors will push me to add more shares of a particular holding. Firstly, there should be a catalyst of some sort. For example, I added more AIMS bcos DPU will increase after 20 Gul Way is redeveloped. Secondly, I have limited funds. So, I have to be very selective. Sometimes, I have many stocks on my watchlist, but I will choose 1 or 2 with the best potential for future growth. Thirdly, I usually buy after XD.

2. No. I dun look at TA. I usually look at FA. I am not a day-trader.

3. No. I do not have profit-taking targets. I usually dun take profits. However, I do sell my stocks if the company's fundamentals deteriorate. One example was FSL. You can check my March 2011 posts. FSL cut its distributions.

4. Cashflow is just one of the criteria. For some sectors, free operating cash flow is important. Especially for telcos. For REITs, you need to look at occupancy rates, rental rates, lease expiry profile, debt expiry profile, gearing, quality of assets, location of properties, tenants mix, strength of sponsors and NAV.

5. I will do both. I will ride the uptrend while saving some money for the correction. At the same time, collecting dividends. ^^


Ben said...

Hi Dividends Warrior,

I read-up some of your blog and you seem like an experienced stock-investor.

Recently I'm thinking of buying a saving plan but my uncle told me to invest in blue-chip stocks instead as the interest rate is much higher.

I feel that all the stock's price now are too high to buy any of it. Even if it is just for collecting dividends from blue-chip stocks I also feel it is not the right time to buy now.

What do you say? Should I continue to hold? Is it wise to even buy a saving plan when you can use the money to earn more in stock-market?


Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi winged_box,

Personally, I dun have any savings plan. I just save my excess cash in a normal account and use it to invest in dividend stocks.

I dunno if u r still studying or already working.......
So, if u r a student, then the savings plan could be more suitable. If u have started working with a stable income, then investing makes more sense.

I agree that the blue chips are rather overvalued now. Why dun u invest some and save some? Start small. I started small too.

Good luck!^^

Unknown said...

Dear Dividend Warrior, wat combination of portfolio you would advise with $35k cash available?

I am currently holding on some stocks but suffering paper loss for most of them. Really heart pain. So i am turning to 'safe' stock which would help generates my savings bit. Thank you!


cavemonkey said...

Hi Dividend Warrior,

After stumbling upon your blog, I became more interested in trying to achieve some form of passive income but I am overwhelm by the kinds of information that are available everywhere.

For a starter like me, can you advise how should I go about learning more about this?

Thank you!

^_^ said...

DW shu shu, today reits all down like 5%~ are you okay?
Do you think investors should hold on to their reits or get out now?

Ben said...

Hi DW,

Other than the stock market do you invest your money through other platform?

I was approachable by an agent from Shenton Wealth Holding where they are raising money for overseas property and land investment and development. They got various projects and each of it promised a good % yield of return with capital usually within 1 - 5 years.

I'm very skeptical about it and afraid it to be a scam. Part of it is also because I'm not familiar with those.

Was wondering if you do invest in their projects or anyone you know did it and got back their money?

^_^ said...

Reits crashed

0.0 said...

Hi dividend warrior! i have been following your blog for a year now!

Being inspired by you, i have started my own investment in dividends and i was hoping i could get some advice from you for a beginner. i understand that the blue chips stocks like singtel and starhub are overvalued and not really worth entering currently.

what would you recommend for a beginner in dividend investing with not much cash in hand as im currently serving my national service.

inquisit0 said...

Hi DW,

Would you still buy REITs now?

Would you say that it is correcting now?