Sunday, September 16, 2018

Tracking The Multi-Year Performance of REITs

As I stated in my previous post, I tracked the multi-year performance of my vested REITs in an excel sheet based on various quantitative factors. Below is my template for tracking one of the many metrics, 'DPU growth'. I tweaked the table a bit by adding another column to track the number of times the DPU registered a year-on-year decline. 

Did a tabulation on the 5-year DPU growth track record of my vested REITs. I left out FLT & KDC because their DPU histories are short. Numerous crisis had occurred since 2012. But most of these REITs have done a commendable job of growing DPU consistently till now. If I take their price appreciation into consideration, the total returns would be even better. They are ranked in terms of DPU growth. AREIT, FCT, MCT, MNACT, MINT & PLife have a pristine record of growing DPU  over the last 6 years with no pause!

Proof that time in market is better than timing the market. Power of CD! :)

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