Monday, November 15, 2021

Dividend Warrior's Q4 2021 REITs Performance & Passive Income Update - Close to $30k Annual Dividends!


(Total Cumulative Dividends = S$206, 778)

My annual passive income target of S$28k is achieved! I actually surpassed it, collecting S$29,711 in total. That is similar to the rental income of a 4-room flat in Bishan or Toa Payoh. Thanks to the 3 local banks restoring their dividend payouts and most REITs improving their DPUs in 2021.

The post-pandemic recovery for commercial and retail REITs continued in the last quarter. FCT even achieved a slightly higher DPU compared to pre-pandemic days. Considering Singapore was in semi-lockdown mode back in August and September, the latest set of results is encouraging. It is a sign that tenants are finally adjusting their operations to the new endemic norm. The more resilient tenants have learnt to live with covid.

Industrial, logistics and data centre REITs just kept powering on. Both MINT and MLT delivered double-figure DPU growth year-on-year! Moving forward, I believe these 'new economy' assets should provide a boost to my passive income in 2022, while keeping pace with inflation. The invisible inflation monster is rearing its ugly head. We need to ride this beast. REITs own physical properties that should benefit from inflationary pressures. Take ParkwayLife REIT for example. After signing the new master lease with IHH, its NAV jumped.

Embrace Change. It Makes Life Easier.

Dividend Warrior

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